Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Living frugal is no big deal.  We’ve all done it while going to college ( and if you didn’t that meant mommy and daddy spent gobs of money keeping you in high style and why in the name of all that is holy would you be reading something like this because I’m sure they are also using the family lawyer to ruin your soon to ex-wife, AND I’m sure they have a mansion in Paraguay down the street from the Bush ranch so that you and all the other insufferable rich pricks can survive the Apocalypse you helped cause ) or starting out after the military, or whatever.  All you need to do is be out of debt, not have a car and live in as low a rent district as you can without having to pay Tyrone protection money.  For most people this was the “character building years” as you struggled mightily and manfully to create a better life your yourself and soon to be blushing bride. The problem is that after you’ve built your life up to a middle class existence you don’t want to devolve back to those years.  You’ve got the whole status thing going for you.  America might not have a class structure that is recognized, but there is a shadow, quite plainly understood hierarchy based on money.  Those on welfare are scumbags and get crapped on for the price of survival.  Those in entry level positions, if they don’t have better-off family as an indicator of their position, are barely better and had better stay on their part of town.  The middle class will never be allowed entry to the 1% but they are allowed to emulate the trappings of power and wealth by staying in debt forever, enriching their betters for the privilege of erecting a façade. 


That is the life you just left, and that is the life you are being forced to keep your ex in.  Wow, such a loss!  I feel for you, bro!  Okay, not really.  I’d actually like to slap that sad and pathetic boo-boo look off your face because you have just been freed from your golden handcuffs and you are too completely friggin ignorant to process this.  Wake the crap up.  You just gave up a thirty year mortgage and a perpetual car payment and the need to have a two income earning family unit and all the stress you get from being two weeks away from bankruptcy and living under a bridge.  Even with vastly reduced take home pay you can live a much freer and carefree life.  You just have to leave the middle class.  Okay, it kinda sorta sucks one step down the socio-economic ladder.  Bitches be crazier.  But, friends tend to be truer rather than money hungry and shallow.  And living frugal is no big deal.  It is simply reclassifying what was once thought of as essentials as luxuries and being content with what you have rather than always striving for more.  I’ve got a big old fist full of reality for all those Yuppie Scum out there- the God Mammon you worship is constructed of paper fiat money worth absolutely zero.  Keep chasing him and you will find all you hold dear to have the same value.


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  1. Yes Sir, been there and done that. Living small now with another woman that understands. Most of the small living stuff is hers and she shares with me.

  2. I find there's nothing like a major financial downturn for sorting out who your true friends are. I was surprised at how that shook out. Some I thought were fair weather friends were with me to the end. Others I thought of as brothers did a vapor.

    What they really should teach in school is how to find the right spouse. That has more bearing on one's financial outcome and happiness than anything else.

    1. I think, after indoctrinating you on Big Daddy Gooberment, they then teach you to hate learning. Then you stay stupid and compliant. They do both things well. Don't ask then to do another, they'll want a raise