Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Preps After

Okay, the hard part is over.  You’ve overcome a lifetime of feminist indoctrination and taxpayer funded public compulsory school propaganda and told the bitch that no, she is NOT all that and a bag of chips and you are taking your marbles and going home, and piss off very much ( it is truly astonishing to me but I can’t ignore the evidence of a lifetime of conversing with the opposite sex, thanks to the feminization of the workplace and hence ample opportunities, that for every male that has been screwed by modern marriage there is also usually a female somewhere with a similar experience.  I understand that females also get screwed.  But I hate gender neutral conversations, and I am writing to a mostly male audience.  So, gals, I do apologize if this at times seems one sided.  I think it would be safer to say that if you are a nice guy, or gal, you WILL get screwed.  No good deed goes unpunished ).  Congratulations on your liberation.  Now, you can look at this a couple of different ways.  One, you are double dog doinked and are now poor as dirt and will hence be living like a barbarian.  Or, you can accept the challenge of frugal living ( covered in the next chapter ) and realize the opportunities presented here.  The next marriage will be better.  Sure, not perfect.  Humans are great as a species but they pretty much blow individually.  Finding a decent one is like the fool Greek dude wandering around with a lamp.  And since male and female are quite different sub-species, finding a good one of those is even more difficult.  But you will learn and get a slightly improved model ( I started out lusting after the biggest breasted wives I could find, but conversely as each consecutive wife had smaller and smaller endowments they became better and better spouses.  I’m not sure if there is a lesson there or not.  God, I hope not ).


And, the grand prize here, you can now prep!  Remember, we ain’t no stinkin pussy preppers with camping gear and a month’s worth of freeze-dried yak testicles.  We are studly manly men survivalists getting ready for the end of not only western civilization but the world itself.  We’re talking die-off galore here, brothers!  We need to retreat from the evil big city, divorce ourselves from the banks and buy up all the grain we can bury before those pricks in DC use it all up as ethanol in their limousines.  It doesn’t matter if your take home pay after the ex-wife tax is 30% of what it used to be.  As long as you go from Yuppie Scum Middle Class to Redneck Trailer Trash Frugalist, you can easily and ( far more important today-much more important than in the past before we had run out of cheap oil ) quickly prep for years and years and if you do it right even a decade’s worth of preps.  That is the trick- giving up the middle class life the wife demanded as a matter of course.  As her birthright, NAY!  As her reward for being Daddies Little Princess ( they are so cute, it is hard.  But for the time I did have with my precious little girl, she was just the apple of my eye and the best thing that had ever happened to me to that point. I can’t recall giving her the Barbie Princess Card to play ). 

Continued next time


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  1. “Remember, we ain’t no stinkin pussy preppers with camping gear and a month’s worth of freeze-dried yak testicles.”

    And if you run out and get married again, I'll be tempted to make a special trip to Elko, and whack you along side of the head with a sack of frozen Yak testicles! The fifth time isn't a charm James, it's a wake up call. But if it's any consolation, I don't think it's because your such a bad person. The system is rigged against men, in more ways than I care to explain in a short comment.

    Remember the Nike slogan, but do the opposite.

    Just don't do it!

    1. the 5th time? Hell, the 3rd time wasn't the charm