Monday, July 14, 2014

bio & biblio 9


( don’t worry- it will be this article and one other and I’m finished up with this series )

In 1995 on my thirtieth birthday, walking to the second household I was paying for to get my car I was paying for from the separated wife so I could go to work out in the boonies to support the bitch ( yes, I know. I was supporting my children. Is it a shock to discover when your life is being ruined that you mainly think just of yourself and not others, even if you should be? ), I took stock in my life and decided I really wasn’t in the place I had ever wanted to go. I was now working a high stress job just for money- something I vowed I would never do. No relationship- and I’d never liked being alone. And nothing accomplished- even the writing was giving me no satisfaction. I know I wasn’t screwed as badly as others. I did move on to better relationships. I did get direction in my life after that. And the experience was an invaluable if high tuition lesson in life. Of course, at the time I had no such perspective. It was just a sad and miserable slog. I got sick with the most strange things, and in general I’m a healthy horse- the product of good genes more than my sterling personal habits. And I rebounded to a terrible relationship.


Wife #3 was well meaning but crazy as a crap house rat and terrible in bed. I think it speaks quite highly of me that I stayed with her for a whole year. I felt like Al Bundy in “Married With Children” who bemoaned the few times a month he was forced to service his wife. She was bad enough I tried going at it again with #2. Of course that didn’t work out but I did get to see the kids a heck of a lot. And I did move to Florida to do so. I don’t know if that was a good or a bad thing. It was different. I moved there the summer of 1998 and by early the following year I had found wife #4, started seriously prepping for Y2K and had started writing again. I think I was trying to sell booklets on floppy discs through the mail. My recollection is hazy. I know that didn’t work out and in a year I had folded all those articles into a newsletter. That newsletter, the format and name escaping me, was a lot of reprints of others work as well as my own writing. When I started the weekly e-mail newsletter ( Bison ) about 2001 I reprinted my own writing from the previous work. So, for instance, if #35 from the old one was used, in the Bison it showed up as #3, or whatever. No, I don’t particularly care about editing or record keeping. It always has been and always will be about the writing above all else. I’m special that way. But the upshot is that since the turn of the century I’ve been writing on a near daily basis, as well as continuously publishing. It could even be since 1999, but let’s round it to an even number.


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  1. In 1999 New Years eve, I was anchored out in my sail boat ,on the southern end of Lake Okeechobie in a protected hole on a side channel, ready for whatever happened.
    (Nuthin !)
    So at that point in time we were quite close in proximity to each other, small world eh.
    After nothing happened , we proceeded on through to Ft Myers and then on down to the Shark River , went up it to Hazard Bay and spent 9 glorious months smack dab in the middle of the everglades ! Just in case the big one still happened ya know....