Wednesday, July 9, 2014



No, not the feline kind although those are a good idea because they eat a heck of a lot less than dogs and can catch their own food and will usually spaz out and go nuts when a stranger approaches so they are a wonderful Watch Cat, but the worthless and weak kind that act all up- acting like pussies cause they’re all skeert and butt hurt the luxuries of the Oil Age are over.  I wandered across the book “Oil Dusk” which I had bought years ago and decided to read again. It was written in 2006 and upgraded in 2009, so it was pretty much one of the ground breakers for PODA ( Post Oil Dark Ages ) although it suffers on many levels so it doesn’t get my recommendation.  It wasn’t badly written, as these things go, but it had a lot of promising threads that could have been explored and weren’t. It brought up a lot of things to think about ( like a bout of diarrhea going through the group overwhelming washing facilities, or the far away state using slave labor to manually extract shale oil ) but also took the easy way out by not following negative trends to their logical unwanted conclusions ( although to be fair they did admit to this themselves ).  Plus, I think the female of the two did most of the writing because I picked up on a lot of feminine perspective although the male character was the prime narrator.  A major theme was the wife being a pussy.  Not that it was put this way.  It was written like she was justified in breaking down and the husband was a great guy for sticking with her.


Everyone is going to react to the collapse negatively.  There is going to be periods of depression and needless anger and reaction.  Tempers will flare, bitches will burst into tears without provocation.  There is going to be a price to pay for a transaction.  You must make allowances.  However, after a reasonable period, everyone is going to have to suck it up and wire their crap extra tight.  This includes kids missing video games, the guys missing their sports and bitches missing their hair dryers and manicures.  I’m not relegating these concerns as unimportant.  Gals looking and smelling good has its advantages.  A clean house is a sanitary house.  Starting with taking care of yourself, you also take care of other things ( once you let yourself go, most else follows ).  The wife character was bemoaning the loss of luxuries, not essentials.  It was an accumulation of all the little missed things like little temperature fluctuation, driving out to avoid cabin fever, visiting friends on a whim.  But she let herself fall into a deep depression because of this and everyone else had to do a lot of her chores.  And everyone let her get away with it, including the leader/husband.  What a pussywhipped douche.  That is what I meant about a female writer- the feelings and chick group discussion taking over life.  Hubby was trying to grow more crops to survive and the wife was bitching about the old life.  He should have beat her until she did her share, then shacked up with the single mom in the group.  Course, the kids were around.  But why carry deadweight?  The kids can get over it when the wife “suicides” by wandering out amongst the wild boars and snakes and such.  Damn pussies- WAY too much work ( and I mean that as gender neutral.  Guys pussy up, they are no good helping to defend ).

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  1. Jim, I had a aquaintance of mine, a right on lefty tosser (he married an ex of mine, she dumped me while I was away in the army, you know the rest). He was depressed, carrying on ranting at traffic etc. I gave him the "Harden the fuck up" speech.

    Now we all get a bit pissed off at some point in our lives, even me (yes I know) but we don't start whining like a bitch.

    Then out comes a couple of silly bints with some wanker ology degree telling me how I know nothing etc, and then the insults start.

    One of them an ex of one of my oldest friends (Horrid, spoilt, pretentious only child, little princess, No, I've never liked her) said "I remember you, you used to bring your wife and kids round every mealtime as you're such a waster".

    I pointed out that perhaps her memory was little off as she'd never even seen my wife or kids, or ever met them, let alone feed them.

    "Nothing wrong with my memory" she said, "Oh really" says I, "You couldn't even remember you were still married to Mike, when you were fucking his best mate". That shut her up, but in chimes her friend who starts with the textbook psychobabble trying to defend her friend. Now I've never met her before, and she doesn't know me from Adam telling me how I'm projecting my problems on him. I asked "So I take it you work in the health industry then?". She doesn't discuss her life with total strangers etc (Yes really) So I says, "I'll take that as a yes then, the thing that's got your nose bent out of shape is, if people actually sucked it up and got on with their life, you'd be out of a job and have to do something productive for a living". She didn't like that.

    The gelded pair of pussweeds they were with started with the bitchy comments, until the wife started back at them. They then all slinked away.

    1. Any negative comments against Limey's from me, remember it is directed at the ruling class. Salt of the earth blocks I love. And your turn of phrase is delicious!

  2. Most everyone is going to die during a collapse. The pussies, wimps, mommy's boys, slackers and liars will be first. Some of them will try to turn predator and still won't be able to cut it.

    Just blabbering some now (must have caught it from you:))

    Trivia questions.........

    Remember in "The Walking Dead" ? First season, when the women are washing the clothes in the lake/stream? What did they say they missed the most?

    Remember in "The Road"? At the beginning what was the reason they hung around and sheltered in place too long?

    Ever watch "Revolution"? How about that pussy guy that abandoned his woman because he thought he couldn't protect her? Good thinking there on that moron's part. No protection is better than something????


    1. Babbling is a short cut to disiminating wisdom. More gets through quicker. My story, sticking to it

  3. "Tempers will flare...". Funnily, I thought just the same thing before your post. Let things get rough and I expect fistfights and yelling. No politeness, no charity. This, of course, happening BEFORE things get really bad.

  4. So was this post inspired by the douchebag at the Golden Survivalist blog whining about his wife who doesn't like guns ? I dated a girl that didn't like guns. Note the past tense. Praise be to your hair king of the coif!

    1. Hmmm. Not familiar with that blog, I don't think ( there are tons of them anymore )

  5. Well, I'm not too surprised by the behaviour of the male protagonist in the story Jim? 50 years of third wave feminism has been thoroughly successful in emasculating the western male. The dramatic decrease in testosterone of the average male of the last 50 odd years is perhaps topic for another discussion, and some might say has a more sinister meaning behind it?

    Someone ( The authors name and book title escape me?) wrote a book, in which it was indicated that the more societies evolve, they more feminine they become.

    Well, since it certainly wasn't emasculated males that formed civilisations, and it sure as hell wasn't feminists, this gives a good indication as to the direction that our civilization is headed.