Friday, July 18, 2014

boot knife drama 2


Okay, a bit on the short side this time.  I had oodles and gobs of time yesterday and wrote three articles ( I’m taking a vacation day Monday, so only one morning posting and no comments answered ) and today I’m harried and tormented and they are being all needy and crap so I barely have time for one and a half.  This is the price you pay for me working a regular job- slight irregularity ( just like your bowels as they struggle to process cheese doodles and Big Macs ).  The benefit is that while it is nice, I don’t actually need your money to survive and so I don’t need to bend over and spread my cheeks and invite advertisers to sodomize me.  And hence you- but we won’t dwell on that since now you are REALLY irregular ( remember “Bad Santa”? ).  Anyway, pushing aside haunting images of Bubba and banjo playing, the eagerly anticipated and minion longed for update on my travails adapting a boot knife to a belt knife which in the great scheme of things isn’t too important but I had a bee in my bonnet about it.


I wanted a regular knife, not a folder, to wear at work.  I’m not anticipating the homeless attacking me and stealing the rotted food I drag back to the food bank, but I do worry about coyote pack attacks ( if I lived in an area with wolves, I’d be a lot more worried.  I know coyotes attacking is a remote possibility, but my neighbor did report aggressive behavior to his person one year when they were emboldened enough to come down to the river bottom and attack calves- I’m just being nicely paranoid ) and possibly having to flee an instant collapse scenario where I’m needing to defend myself to get home ( same reason I always wear earth tone clothes for when I go overland ).  I don’t need the hassle of locking the blade into place.  And I love the boot knife because it is discreet, it allows wearing while getting in and out of the truck, and it looks semi-professional. Alas, I couldn’t get the damn clip to glue shut so it was secure on my belt.  The problem, it turns out, was using the putrid crap Super Glue.  It failed repeatedly, even after carefully following instructions.  Well, I hate throwing good money after bad, but I hemmed and hawed and decided to splurge $3 on a tube of Lock-Tite ( however you spell it- the stuff recommended for scope mounts ).  It was at Family Dollar at the front check out, a blue package with the tube having two side squeeze spots to get the glue out without a mess.  And it worked wonderfully.  Problem solved.


Update- HA!  You doubting Thomas Mother Humpers.  I got it to just about the regular length.  Good Gravy, I’m good.  See you tomorrow, same Bat Time.

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  1. OH!


    Help me PLEASE!

    The coyotes are going to get me!

    Please, SOMEBODY, help me!

    You know, sometimes you are just a little pussy of a c*** survivalist.

    If you want to dick around with your little boot knife, then fine, do it, Please don't tell us about how you are doing it because ONE guy reported to ONE other guy how ONE year (which year?) ONE coyote was a little bit aggressive.

    You've been a survivalist for how long?


    1. Direct report from the source. And, you had better learn how to be afraid. Macho crap posturing is pretty silly.

    2. Can you conceal carry in Nevada?

      Idaho Homesteader

    3. Yes. I've been pondering whether or not to for many years. Pros and cons