Thursday, July 17, 2014

BBQ at the border


NPR radio has been larded up with border baby stories, and for some strange reason, transgender stories.  Which I’ve yet to figure out unless they are trying to gross us all out and make border bitch stories more palatable in comparison.  Now, Occam’s Razor tells us the simplest answer is usually the correct one but if it were just a case of gross incompetence to rival the grossest incompetence of all times of all politicians of all governments in all time lines, this wouldn’t be much of a story.  So I’m putting on my tinfoil hat and going with an implausible but amusing conspiracy theory that all the Central American kids being lured up here by black bag funded agency advertising in local papers is for another reason.  And once up here, the kids aren’t being detained and then given to relatives but something far more sinister.  I don’t think this is just to open up the borders- they have been de facto wide open for a very long time to enrich the elites through wage dampering and overconsumption.  And it certain isn’t about any humanitarian impulses.  The only impulse the Kenyan Kunt has is to go golfing.  He certainly isn’t humane.  And I don’t think there are enough bodies to adequately spread toxic tropical diseases effectively.  I don’t think I’m understanding the whole picture, certainly.  But I wonder if this might just be a dry run in “disappearing” some of our domestic population.


There is perfect deniability.  If the Chicago uncle says, “where is my bambino?”, Uncle Obammy says “we flew him back home”.  When a call to the home village doesn’t turn up Little Juan, then the vicious gang violence around the airport is blamed for a kidnapping or whatever.  Or, he died in the holding camp here of one of those tropical diseases.  And in the meantime the Feds have plenty of practice hiding and lying.  I’m not saying this is necessarily true, just that it is an intriguing possibility.  After all, the more insistent a régime is in loving children, the worse they treat kids.  Look at that unholy twat pleading with Satan himself to sodomize her daily, Hilary Clinton.  “It’s for the children”, “It takes a village” even as sharpshooters are given medals for not hitting held infants ( if they are dropped as the mothers head explodes from a sniper bullet, their tiny heads flattening on ground impact, that doesn’t count against their score ) and groups of small children are burned alive in Texas by BBQ Reno ( “we had to destroy the children to save them” ).  Look at Bush Jr. destroying sanitation facilities and water treatment plants and food distribution networks so that they could save the children from Saddam.  I could go on all day. 

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  1. Massive amounts to make in the Organ harvesting business.

    Who's going to miss 100 kids?

    How much are 100 kidneys, retinas etc. worth to rich people?

    Think about it.

    1. Damn! I totally spaced the organ harvest angle. Good one!