Friday, July 11, 2014

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Price Of Marriage

As budding survivalists, we all very much know the price of marriage.  Little to no preps.  The stockpile situation is as bad as a FEMA shelter which usually has no more than MRE cases for the guards and tear gas and shackles for the near future occupants.  I’m not going to bore you here with wild ass claims that you can convert an unwilling spouse over to The Dark Side of survivalism.  While all the literature out there suggesting it is possible and gives helpful hints which are a nice try, in my experience the bitch be on board or you are totally out of luck.  The bad ones want you to burn in the fires of a cannibal weenie roast among side them, at last an end to their miserable existence.  The good ones accept your plans with, if not good graces, at least weary resignation.  The best ones encourage you to prep madly in exchange for a small token bribe ( wife #3 allowed a firearm purchase as long as she got to go shopping for jewelry at the pawn job.  Needless to say I was an official Gun Fag [ more guns than windows in your house- according to THE source, Gun Fag Manifesto magazine ] and she had glittered with gold and rocks ).  If the spouse is unwilling to devote the needed funds and alter the lifestyle accordingly to do things correctly, you have very little recourse.  You can continue to kiss her swollen dimpled cellulite riddled ass once a year when she magnanimously allows you to purchase one extra box of ammo and one extra bag of rice-after you have performed no end of begging and pleading, probably on an embarrassingly high level of occurrence on par with beseeching for sex more than once a month, or you can conclude that staying with this stupid twat is indeed going to get you killed.


It might seem like getting divorced over something silly like a hobby is retarded.  And if your views of prepping are to weather semi-severe events like a month long truckers fuel disruption, than you are right.  This is just a hobby.  But if you are honest with yourself and acknowledge that we will AT BEST see a fall of Rome scenario where an entire empire core is depopulated by epidemic disease, soil infertility famines and barbarian invaders, then you need a lot more to be ready than a closet of camping food.  You need to leave the city and get out of debt and stock years and years of food- and an uncooperative spouse won’t allow that to happen ( at worst, we see a near Extinction Level Event as nuclear weapons are used fighting over a falling food and fuel supply and grid downs see 400 extra Fukishima’s ).  And if they won’t agree on something this important to you-as in, protecting the family- do you really Honest Injun think you are in a healthy relationship?  Separated, you can prepare to feed your children even after you get done paying the ex-wife tax.  Divorced, you get the best of both worlds even after alimony or child support.  You can get rid of a worthless spouse and you can get ready for the Apocalypse ( helpful hint- don’t justify the separation to the kids on the pretext of preps.  They will think you are a real asshat if they don’t think the collapse is on the way.  Just tell them the other truth- that their mother is a vile scumbag you must leave before you choke the life out of her, and you love them dearly.  They should understand ).


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  1. I just got done writing Saturdays article, Surv Div 8, where I included the clause apologizing for being overly female specific and recognized that it is the nice guys, and gals, not just guys, that get screwed. I'm not totally insensative-just mostly.

  2. "This is just a hobby. But if you are honest with yourself and acknowledge that we will AT BEST see a fall of Rome scenario where an entire empire core is depopulated by epidemic disease, soil infertility famines and barbarian invaders, then you need a lot more to be ready than a closet of camping food."

    This is why I keep coming back. James nails it spot on.

    There is approximately 3% of the population that considers themselves "preppers". I would guestimate that only 3% of the 3% are true believers.

    The other 97% of the so called "preppers" view it as a hobby. An excuse to hang out with the guys and buy guns. Or buy the 4x4 "bug out vehicle" (what a joke!). If they are feeling really prepared, they buy a case of freeze dried yak testicles.

    I remember going to a storage unit sale of a Y2K prepper. He had a king size mattress, a case of Playboy Magazines (I kid you not), a nylon tent that was too small for the mattress, a few buckets of wheat and other eclectic items from Lehman's catalog. No shovel. No wheelbarrow. No water purification.

    If you truly believed in the stuff that James is trying to warn you about, you wouldn't be messing around trying to pay for a trip to Disney Land to keep the family happy.

    Who cares if the spouse cuts you off for a month because you decided to spend some money on REALISTIC prepping items. If you have no money, no problem. Learn skills instead until you can scrounge up some money for the basics. After reading all the comments on the Survival Divorce series, it doesn't sound like you are getting marital benefits anyway. If you are part of the 3% of true believers -- go for it.


    Now for the other 97% of so-called preppers -- Grow the f--- up!. You have the nerve to take the family grocery money and blow it on a bug out ATV, AND poodle shooters (you need 12 plastic black guns, really?!?!?), AND the tricked out 4x4 truck, AND all the matching camping gear from Cabela's and you have the nerve to complain about how your wife won't support you. Give me a break.

    You are just as bad as the wife -- looking for an excuse to shop and spend money so you can impress your buddies.

    Surviving is all about the basics. And the basic are pretty cheap. Yeah, your friends won't ooooh and aaaaw over a bucket of wheat like they do your new black, tricked out gun that eats expensive ammo. But are you trying to impress someone or be the last in the stew pot? You decide, but choose wisely.

    Idaho Homesteader

  3. Oh goodness James. Please don't go all PC on us like Rawles. I specifically stopped following him and started following you for that very reason. No need to worry about alienating your grand total of 3 female followers, as they're obviously into self abuse, or at the very least have one hell of a sense of humour. Your tell it like it is attitude is your main draw. Well, at least it is for me?

  4. Two comments and neither of them posted? I can believe that one got ate by blogger, but both?

    No problem, I understand that I must have touched upon a sensitive subject?

    1. I have problems posting every Mon. after I turn the computer back on from the weekend. Windows blows midget leper balls. I only delete a comment if it uses the N bomb or libels someone. That is it! I post all other regardless if I approve of them or not.

    2. Ahh, good to know James. I was starting to take it personally :D

  5. Not a chance. The reason I go "PC Lite" is just to balance the off color humor because this will be a book and in theory more folks will read it besides my loyal minions. And, I think the choice is "into self abuse"

  6. Understood; it makes sense. Best of luck in your sales!