Thursday, July 24, 2014

got wealth?


I just had an epiphany, and for any minion having read me any length of time- say, more than six to eighteen months- that is your cue to run from the room in full panic mode screaming like a little girl. I believe that the encouragement to gain wealth is a deliberate ploy from our masters. From the lunatic ravings of Beck and Limbaugh that decadent wealth is the due of any red blooded hard working American ( lunatic because in the face of resource depletion-despite hot air bloviation from both to the contrary- growing populations simply cannot be equally gaining wealth. The growth engine is burned out and only looting, asset stripping and fighting over a shrinking pie is possible ), to the not so covert assertions of our favorite cults such as Mormons that God favors the wealthy, to the Horatio fable of rags to riches and to the bubble protection of the monied favorites and the de facto segregation of the ghettos through property taxes ( rich bastards, and their minions the middle classers both approve of higher taxes as a gate mechanism- partial compensation is achieved with some minority paid taxes ending up in the better neighborhood schools ), class in America has never been more blatant as when the USS Titanic has taken on water and is slowly listing. The sad part of it all is that the lower houses of wealth are just being set up by the very high elite consisting of just a privileged few. The upper middle classes, the middle class and, until recently decimated by home equity removal, the lower middle class are all targeted for wealth extraction. And they have no idea. And if they did, I wonder if they could change?


Property taxes are ten percent in some places, added to five percent state income tax added to thirty percent federal. Add in all those other pesky revenue enhancement measures and it is not so far from lack of exaggeration to claim the middle class pay half their wages in taxes. They thought they were some smart mother humpers, excluding the proletariat masses by protecting property values with every illegal trick in the book, and they cheered when their equity soared-alas, befouled poor cretins beneath me, I am rich beyond the conception of kings of old!- and then one day they woke up and they had no equity to use as credit and their taxes were going up locally as the boom years yielded government overspending and they were stuck with bubble apex property tax rates. Greed does come back to bite you on the ass and they get zero sympathy from me. Wallow in your phantasm wealth, Yuppie Scum. And yet, the government is not done extracting their wealth. Not by a long shot. Governments don’t cut back- they grow until they implode, their once smug and superior proponents either swinging from cheap inferior imported Chinese electrical wiring from the nearest lamppost or long departed at the head of the line of expatriates.

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