Wednesday, July 30, 2014

bias's 2


Inflation bias is a neat one. It can work either way- either ignoring inflation, or giving it too much weight. If you ever are really bored of all the twenty-three different Dance And Sing And Cook shows on all at the same time on broadcast TV, tune in to Antique’s Roadshow on PBS. Here, dillholes drag their junk to appraisers and hope their African Carving Of The Fertility God As Represented By Something I’m So Sure Was Never Ever A Dildo is worth Humongous Big Bucks. Here are dressers made from trees never more seen, in great shape, weighing more than the teams of oxen who drug it around town century after century, worth like $800, and then some idiot painter who smoked dope made a painting which looks like a psychedelic clown wiped his ass with it is estimated to be worth forty grand. The shows I like are the fifteen year comparisons. A clip is shown from 1999, and the value is given. Then, the 2014 value is shown next to it and you get to see the difference. Yet, it doesn’t take into account inflation, does it? You say it held its appraised value? How many cheeseburgers could you buy then, compared to now, with that amount? Same with houses. Are you pricing them in dollars, or years of salary? And did you take into account the lower interest rate? Does it justify the higher price ( higher even after the bubble popped )?


And what if you know ALLLLL about inflation? You think you are one smart cookie, don’t you? You track the drop in wages in adjusted dollars, chart housing in adjusted dollars, counter-chart gold values, all of that. Guess what-you are still operating under an inflation bias. The prices of wages and good no longer is just a result of credit creation and printing press inflation. Now, it is affected by energy decline- something not seen in five hundred years. Let’s look at Citizen First Class bias. You think the Constitution is still valid and you have rights accordingly. You look at the Chief House Negro, and using your Racism Isn’t Cool bias you think nothing of when he nonchalantly informs everyone that they can be detained without warrant indefinitely. To me, with my Kill A Commie For Mommy bias, that looks like the actions of a little place called Soviet Russia. To you, he just means terrorists and such because, you know, you got RIGHTS! Take it to your shallow grave, homie. Last, Surplus bias. You think because there always was more, there always will be. You blame oil companies or Big Government or tree huggers. More IS there, by gum. You think you’ve found a way around “infinite growth on a finite planet”? We use Russian missiles to get to space, people. The LAST thing you will ever see is mining the asteroids or the moon. Even if you don’t know details, you know since we’ve yet to be living in caves wearing rat skins we must have discovered some solution. Why do these kind of people even read this damn thing?


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  1. Also those cheeseburgers ain't your daddy's cheeseburgers. Plastic, Prions, Pulp.

    Reading Uncle Remus' latest and he's talking about hunkering down, etc. Another sane voice just left the reservation. I'm getting a bit worried.


    1. I didn't pick up on him stopping posting. Did I miss it? I love Ol Remus!

    2. No he's still posting. It's just that his last 2-3 weekly articles have been rubber meets the road -- Ol' Remix style of course.

      I believe you've been quoted the last few times.

      Idaho Homesteader

    3. I never get quoted on the weeks Rawles highlights the site, of course :) His last 2/3 articles have been off the charts. Loven em

    4. Probably for the best. I'm not sure that the Rawleseans would appreciate the pearls of wisdom that you spread before them.

      Ungrateful wretches.

      Idaho Homesteader