Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Girly Men

Once women gave up dependence on husbands and transferred that to dependence on Uncle Sam and Benevolent Corporate Paychecks for sustenance and protection, the inevitable result which was ignored as long as possible but is now as plain as my flat Hank Hill ass, was pussyfication of Industrialized Nation males.  We pretty much turned into girly-men.  Not only are we meek and submissive as husbands- both begging for sex now that females are no longer compelled to use that as “job security” ( there were plenty of laws on the books at one time underlying the importance of submissive females, but that has been used to such an extent to vilify males they are today ignored.  From the anthropology standpoint this made sense but it is like talking about the difference between racism and xenophobia today in that it is all emotional rather than logical )  - but they must also constantly try to keep her from leaving him and cashing out.  There is about zero incentive anymore for males to marry, and the statistics bear this out as lower class society frequently cohabitates rather than legally marries ( the better off economic percentile has happier unions, legal ones, as since two incomes are required for their lifestyles the male has some leverage and is not totally at the mercy of the female ).  But cohabitation statistics reflect status and levels of satisfaction almost the same as being single.  The facts clearly suggest that customs and statures regulating bonding make for more stable more satisfying couples. 


But economically males are now punished for marriage.  And male cultural roles are punished.  Men stay boys most of their life because they can.  It is not an optimal social development.  It reflects a civilization mired in decadence having thrown off all common sense dictates.  Men must be providers for their families as well as protectors.  Now, obviously, females have always been co-providers.  You can’t live on twice or thrice monthly hunted meat.  You also need foraging which females contribute.  But males have been the main providers since that required the muscle and aggression they had.  Which also provided the defensive requirements ( or offensive when that was needed ).  Today none of that is required. When you have females choosing at their leisure if at all to have families, both gender roles are discarded ( I am writing this from a male perspective, but I’m not totally oblivious to the damage also sustained in the other camp.  Our evolved roles are accepted and craved by all- but when artificial constructs such as government benefiting from divide and conquer intercede, most people grow up and live life in an unnatural environment  unhappy but never knowing why ).  And when husbands are judged to be nothing more than a superior dildo and income supplement, boys don’t evolve into men.  Manly services are not required ( stud services are irrelevant except after Extinction Level Events and the need to quickly repopulate ).  Why bother providing, or protecting ( which also means “why risk doing anything productive” )?  Why bother growing up?


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  1. What do you get when you cross a rooster with an owl?
    A cock that stays up all night.

  2. Confucius Says: It take many nails to build crib but one screw to fill it.


  3. Hey James; did you hear that Jim Nabors died?

    They found him lying face down on "the Hudson" :D