Friday, July 11, 2014

expat pussies


I was reading a short article by the Argentina Survival Dude as he was responding to an enquiry about relocating to Uruguay.  I paraphrase, “it is still expensive, although possible to live on $1k a month…”.  A flood of images overwhelmed me and I was speechless.  Is this the expectation fat pasty pampered American potential expats have?  They require a mansion to rent, several servants, a young mistress to service their manly three inches of turgid member?  Why must they shop around for the cheapest Latino country where their $1,000 goes the farthest if not for these reasons?  And must I even start on their unwillingness to go anywhere not at the optimal warm temperature so that their cholesterol laden arteries can keep their heart weakened by years of grinding desk labor alive?  There we are importing buttloads of disease laden Latino rugrats because the barrios in LA evidently can’t keep up with demand, whining like little bitches as the rich humps profit off of systematic overpopulation ( you just keep worrying about a few thousand Blue Helmet invaders as our aquifers deplete, our soil degrades and our cities are over stuffed with foreigners who will turn on us after the economy implodes ) so we go watch another escapist “Machete” movie villainizing border vigilantes, and the worst those countries sending us their refuse can expect are a few rich twats with their Social Security checks.  What an exchange rate that is turning out to be.


Another group of worthless whores giving preppers a bad name.  The media doesn’t even have to try very hard, as much help as they are getting.  Expats aren’t escaping an expensive location for one safer in the collapse, they are escaping ordinary middle class life and hoping to score a rich man’s luxury life on the cheap.

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  1. Yes they want it all. Self centered. If you blend in and live as everyone else in your country of choice you will be happy. Excess money can help the people around you and when the shit hits you will all work together. The 'rich' fool down the street will be the one with nothing. I have a small house in the Philippines I visit every year and I fit in and I am very happy there. I am sending 2 kids to college and doing other things for my family there. When inhits the fan and I am there I will be safe.

  2. Mr. Dakin.

    I officially invite you to visit our country and seek refuge.
    We have so many, what you call ex-pats seeking asylum and financial relief to their marital problems.
    We accept only peoples that qualify to bring a purity to our genetically make up.
    Please contact me at the embassy of the Republic of Mojave.
    101 Main st.
    Sandtropolis , Federal district.
    Republic of Mojave.

    Very truly.

    Giga Verse.
    Charge d' Affairs.