Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 months escape/prep 2 part 2


( Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead )


Budget, part 2

The best part of this plan, besides it being written by yours truly so you know it will go down in history as some swell drivel, is that it is pretty much attainable by all and sundry with probably a few exceptions like old crippled bitches but of course they get big bucks from Uncle Obammy because he hates white people ( he might be half white but it is the bottom half so he got a pretty raw deal and it makes for a very hostile individual ) and wants to take up all the good parking spots with handicap stalls so that their fat pasty asses have to roll into the McWoodShavings from their SUV’s from farther away, so they shouldn’t have to worry about working.  If you and your blushing bride both work minimum wage jobs- and Come On! How low do I have to lower the bar for you people? Anybody can do this.  If you can’t, I daresay you are definitely NOT the genetic material the post apoc world needs- in theory you are done, debt free, in six months.  Six months of effort and all your worldly troubles fade away to insignificance. Good God, Air Force pukes spend about that much time in basic and advanced training and I’m not sure anyone but a Girl Scout would find that time too taxing ( yes, Wingnuts, I’m dissing on you.  Course, mainly I envied you’all every time I stayed in a tent for a month in the winter ).  Of course I acknowledge that you might not be able to achieve that theoretical perfection of a time schedule in a manner you will care for.  You can’t discharge all your debts, nor will you care to live in such a primitive manner that saving 80% of your income will entail.  But remember, all problems have simple solutions.


I’m not going to pretend to be a bankruptcy lawyer or a specialist in mortgages or tell you I know the intricacies of any laws.  Hell, law professionals barely know the basics and pay folks to keep everyone updated in a manner to avoid the worst embarrassments.  You WILL need to pay someone for that.  Long gone are the days of a paralegal filling out some simple forms for you and a judge rubberstamping the procedure ( the big financial houses the taxpayers support and who are bloodletting the economy get that privilege, not a guy making twenty grand a year with a quarter million in medical bills ).  But I can tell you this.  You can liquidate all your crap that you have.  Don’t want to take pennies on the dollar?  Fine, take zero on the dollar after everyone else loses their job and is desperately trying to sell anything and everything.  The whole point here people, is to beat the rush and prep before the collapse.  Even without Peak Oil Scare Scenario #456 I love to splash on your screen, economic collapses alone will ruin your world.  Why anybody thinks we won’t collapse economically to the equivalent of a bottom listed Third World country confuses me.  We are only above water because of the Petro-Dollar monopoly and that is already plainly unraveling.  Our only remaining asset, crops, will be wiped out without oil imports.  And oil imports will be paid for how?  Even then you have to factor in soil infertility and aquifer depletion and worsening weather. 


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  1. If g.o.d. (god) did not do anything for the chosen.
    What makes you think, he is going to do something for you?
    you lousy gentile.

    1. Ah, was this a relevant comment to the article or just spewing? No biggie- I love spewing bile myself