Thursday, July 3, 2014

gas mask shortage


We all fondly look back at The Great Rice Shortage Of 2008 ( I think I have the date correct ) and see what a silly event that was.  Why, Costgo put rationing in effect and then it was over!  Rice even went back down in price for a little bit before inching back up ( little consolation to Asiatics lacking their “daily bread” and poor, but of little consequence to we of All Deity Favor who are special and don’t eat that slop anyway ).  Now that was how American Capitalism was supposed to work, by jingo!  What a false sense of security that lesson turned out to be.  Remember why the shortage was alleviated?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?   The Japanese had been stockpiling American rice in huge facilities for years- this allowed them to meet the demands of California senators who had been bought into office by Big Ag, so as not to unfavorable effect other trade agreements like computer chips or whatever, while also allowing them to protect domestic farmers and garner a bit of food security.  Something the American government would be wise to emulate but won’t until it is far too late and we are dying in the street and roving gangs harvest marshmallow people for the stewpot.  The Japanese, those culinary masterminds that enjoy eating toxic raw fish and throw on seaweed as garnish, were never going to eat that crap, judging it quite inferior to their domestic rice variety ( how anyone can taste the difference between any kind of rice is beyond me.  But then, I have a hard time deciphering between potato varieties so it might just be me ).


Now, we are talking like entire warehouse districts full of this rice.  Like the endless building in the Raiders movie.  They dumped it on the market and the rice shortage was over ( until the next massive crop failures ).  We had nothing to do with it.  Oh, indirectly.  If our truly fascist economy hadn’t forced our Japanese colony to subsidize a favored corporation, the rice shortage would have lasted much longer.  But it was a one off event and shan’t be repeated.  It is still very much a Just In Time system for everything out there.  Food, fuel.  Everything.  Now, who remembers the gas mask shortage?  Sometime during Bush’s reign when some idiot was talking about a Super Ninja Jihad Gas Attack, every swinging dingus out there bought up all the gas masks to be found that day.  If an attack was ever possible, dubious, and had occurred even three or four months later, those not willing to spend a hundred bucks for a previously $12 mask would have been screwed.  Masks are now reasonably priced, until the next panic.  Your Mosin-Nagant rifle?  No more surplus ammo at a quarter each.  Now you get to pay 308 prices because the Russian Ammo Embargo saw all the cases bought up ( I immediately bought three myself ).  I don’t know if they will return, but somehow I doubt it ( if they still sell chamber inserts, try:

You could use the still 25 cent 762x39.  I can’t recall if they had one in that configuration but it is worth a look ).  Notice another aspect of this besides JIT inventory?  It is all the affordable crap that is disappearing.  How much longer do you want to wait?

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  1. Have you been trying to smoke oregano again?

    25 point 5 cents a round at Aim for 7.62x54r


    1. I get 26.6 after shipping. Yes, I'll give you props for this one. I didn't search out enough suppliers.