Wednesday, July 16, 2014

bio & biblio 10


After my first job in Florida, a convenience store that paid well in guaranteed overtime, I had to move on to another after that Arkansas asswhore Clinton funded sting operations on underage sales and I got busted a second time and had to pay a serious fine to stay out of jail.  Hey, I’m terrible telling age.  You want your precious little twats to stop drinking, go after them yourself.  If the Constitution held any force that would have been construed as involuntary servitude acting as an unpaid untrained law enforcement officer.  But since lawyers are in charge, they just twist meanings and go sleep soundly at night.  Not that I’m bitter.  The new job was an assistant manager at Dollar General.  A noble mission job selling to the working poor almost everything they needed to live outside of perishable food, housing and transportation, in the three and a half years I was there the corporate clowns ran it into the ground fast, and it emerged just another greedy profit center humping their employees gleefully.  That job more than anything else prompted me to move from the area.  That was the start of 2000 to the fall of 2003.  We tried to move to Kingman Arizona but I couldn’t find a job to save my life and my delicate northern European skin was being cooked in a matter of minutes down there.  After a week or so we drove up to Carson City Nevada and I had a job in three days as a casino slot department supervisor. 


Now, that job blew chunks also.  I’m supervising a gaggle of females whose daily existence would inspire any soap opera writer.  We got along famously- when I’m on the time clock I can be quite charming and the people person- but they were extremely high maintenance.  Again, the money kept me there, but this time it wasn’t just to pay for the ex-wife.  After being almost driven to drink with living in mobile homes and their higher costs, when we got to Carson I stuck with travel trailers and their parks.  Much cheaper than mobiles and I had freedom to move.  By living like peasants and working in a high gratuity gambling den of vice, I invested like mad in our future.  Cash for land, precious metals, guns and ammo, small business investments ( as usual, a failure- I had to try though ), etc.  I was doing it right this time, unlike Florida where we left two mobile homes with equity ( too long of a story for now ).  In summer 2006, the casino had laid us all off for a second time to reduce the personnel numbers ( the first was to shed management jobs ) and rather than be rehired-or not- I walked away and gave the slot to someone else.  We hit the road in the Hippie Bread Van and came up to Elko-only to discover my land was not going to be practical for winter commuting to work.  Back to Carson and we were parked in the stepdaughters driveway ( I had given away the trailer to a deserving family with kids on Craig’s List- good Christ, the more I think about my life, the more of a saint I am ) and I stumbled on to a job at the food bank as a driver.  I also started writing again, after having given up on the newsletter.


For two months, during lunch and after work, an extension cord snaking out to the 110 degree roasting van, I wrote my first book “The Frugal Survivalist”.  After that I tried out a few more such as the “$3k Homesteading” and a couple of shorter ones such as the Peak Oil treatise and some damn thing else I’d have to look up.  I was ready, and that fall of 2006 I started the infamous “Bison Survivalist Blog” which has spread far and wide and is now known by none.  That went on til 2012 when I needed a break and started the James M Dakin Blog that lasted two years.  In the meantime in 2008 I had moved to Elko, just a month or two shy of the near Wall Street meltdown.  Not that I had any idea it was going to happen other than in general paranoia theory, but it makes me look vaguely clairvoyant.  And here we are, 2014.  The ex is paid off.  The land is free and clear.  The underground home is providing wonderful weather protection and we are chugging merrily along with the Bison Prepper Blog.  Oh, and I’m single again if any future ex-wife #5’s are out there.  Cheers.


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  1. THE END!!!!

    Thank God!


    1. I could have stretched it out to double its length- for YOU, I cut it short.

    2. I enjoyed it. You have led an interesting life and have moved around a lot. Think about how much better off you would be financially speaking, if it weren't for the 4 marriages? Hell, you'd be the equivalent of JWR right about now, and living in a super bunker :D Remember James, if floats flies or fucks, it's cheaper to rent :D