Wednesday, July 23, 2014

clucking hens


I never miss an opportunity to poke fun of females, as when two or more congregate they immediately start clucking like a flock of hens, all gossip and all atwitter with mundane happenings unfathomable to the male species. Well, it seems there is a very important survival skill inherent in gossip. I’ve always admired the Machiavellian skills of females. They seem to be born for office politics and intrigue of an advanced nature, again, unfathomable to us mere males. The reason not so many of them are actual politicians must point to the fact that politicians are mere figureheads and the real movers and shakers are behind the scenes. In a tribal society, women are the real brains behind group cohesion. They can move mountains with mere glances and innuendo so subtle it is amazing. Males, on the other hand, generally await their orders to blunder about and hit someone with a big club. So never think I’m unimpressed or not totally in fear of the “weaker” sex. Now, gossip is just the least subtle of their maneuvers ( which is why we could even figure it out in the first place ). Gossip is the daily intelligence gathering for the tribe. Those members whose behavior is of an unacceptable nature are talked about. And usually if the gossip itself is unable to change that behavior ( “I’ve been discovered, I’d better change my ways” ), and don’t ask me how the intended target finds out-that is one of those girl power secrets, then it turns to a group consensus on how to punish that behavior.


From the very earliest age, twelve to eighteen months, we exhibit hardwired behavior to play by the rules and help other people out. We are also wired to seek out those not exhibiting fair play and rule acceptance. We are much higher evolutionarily speaking for group living than our direct ancestors chimps. They have the basics down but are more selfish as far as individual survival. We are more prone to seek survival strengths from the group than monkeys are. To such an extent that we don’t attempt to punish transgressors individually but seek a group solution. This is the gossip function. Proving we are not rogue individuals but group players. Which is why females are quite suited to corporate life, more so than males ( even alpha males ). Those Alpha’s are, again, the puppets put on display, just like politicians. And it is the reason that the recent social movements of “being different” or “being weird” or “do your own thing” are so stupid. They provide our elites with the tool to separate us from our protective herd, by ruining group consensus and social pressure and peer pressure. Whenever the powers that be give you a gift, like individual liberty with no responsibilities, beware of the hidden motivation. And try not to be so hard on gossipers. It serves a needed function.


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