Wednesday, May 7, 2014

saudi's and chinese


Last week during a Saudi Arabian military parade, that standard fuzzy foreigner staple where dictators flop out their junk to compare sizes with each other, there appeared for the first time on display a Chinese missile. They’ve had the things for thirty five years, so it isn’t like some camel jockey suddenly woke up one day, cried out in alarm that Iran was a new threat, and decided to ask his fellow Mohammed criers over in Pakistan for an extra nuclear warhead if they had one to spare ( after all, Arabic hospitality customs dictate that if a stranger shows up at your tent, you give him a cup of sweet tea and shelter. I think their bible choice dictates if they get a free nuke or not ). These missiles, and the fact they can carry a glow-in-the-dark bomb, are old hat and nothing to concern ourselves with unduly. What is notable is that the things were put in the parade. Diplomacy is never overt, and usually multi-layered in complexity ( something our government used to be a lot better at- now the Eric Holder level of incompetence has become the norm in all departments ). You have to read the tea leaves divining others intents, and even then you have to shift down another level and read the leaves under the first reading. Most likely, the House Of Saud is telling their new found friends the Chinese that they are pledging allegiance to them, and are telling the world, but only in a subtle way. Nothing to get the excitable fellow in the White House riled ( it is obvious the message was given while he was diverted by another crisis he had no idea how to handle ).


The Chinese have been wooing the Saudi’s for some time. And Saudi Arabia is happy to have them take over the mantle of implicit military umbrella protection as soon as America steps on its own Johnson. Even with less oil, production in decline, they are still THE oil big kahuna. In a way, it all gives me hope. If we go into terminal social collapse, yet overseas countries are able to limp along industrially, guerilla groups here have the chance of being armed by those nations. Rather than see no resupply at all. Best we can hope for, I’m afraid.


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