Sunday, May 11, 2014

cat heat


It is no surprise to my long suffering weary loyal minions that I love cats and while I tolerate dogs I have little love lost for the flea bitten dumb as a box of rocks high maintenance ass lickers. And, prepper wise, they eat a lot less if anything and are just as good as alarms ( usually stranger/intruder indicators are sudden panicked clawing of your tender flesh, but still, better than being surprised ). Let me divert here for just a second with a funny cat story. The other night, our male cat is out squaring away with a semi-feral neighbor cat. Shining the light out to ascertain the source of commotion, you see two sets of cat eyes as they fight like little girls, arms wind milling and hair flying. And sitting not too far away is another set of glowing eyes- those of a coyote. Almost like he is waiting to see who gets injured, and is going to make him lunch. Smart coyote. Yelling scared him away, and ending the cats confirmation. I thought it was funny the stupid cats paid the predator little mind. Anyway, back on subject. Cats during the apocalypse. Just like families turning down shelter space with food because they won’t allow cherished family pets in, I don’t expect anyone is going to give up the cat after a collapse. I know I’m not. I store extra cat food and rotate it, and those guys love killing grain eating mice. And I do love the crazy bastards.


But I would NEVER, EVER have a cat that wasn’t spayed or neutered. Have you ever heard a female cat call all and sundry into your back yard to hump her silly? The racket and volume is inhumane. And a great way to break noise discipline spectacularly. You think a chain saw is a bad idea, drawing all ne’er-do-wells to your domicile? Female cats have to be close as far as a bad idea. And males will spray all over the place, including food preparation areas ( I’ve had it happen ). Unsanitary foul fools. Yes, you’ll need a fertile pair sooner or later, down the road. I’m sure you’ll be paid to take them off someone’s hands.


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  1. Cats are excellent as movable heat bags once you're in bed. Also there is a reason old women have cats. Cats are more human-like then most humans.

    Plus hairballs and kitty litter are very good fertilizer for your thorny shrub perimeter fence.

    I'd still get a Chihuahua dog for barking at intruders. Little bastards don't eat much and bark at anything.


    1. The problem is getting the heat bags to stay in the right place.

  2. I'm a dog person. The bigger, the better. In fact, I picking up a Burmese Mountain dog tomorrow as a companion for my Great Pyrenees. I love the personalities of the livestock guardian dogs.

    Idaho Homesteader