Wednesday, May 28, 2014

memorial day

Okay, I’m glad THAT’S over.  Don’t get me wrong, I do honor our fallen and it doesn’t bother me that it was for an imperial cause.  Just as police officers are mostly state oppression yet still serve a noble peace keeping mission, so to the military is about protecting the civilians even if the federal government has usurped them for largely nothing more than invasion, occupation and tribute extraction.  I can see the good even through the mostly bad.  It isn’t the individuals fault the way the military was corrupted ( of course, to be intellectually honest, you have to admit that without the way the corruption is protected all those in the military wouldn’t see anywhere near the pay or benefits or even a retirement.  Don’t scream “freedom and small government” when your paycheck depends on the exact opposite ).  So, yes, you honor the individuals even if they were misused by our fascist global occupation.  Especially, I would imagine, since usually the government throws away so many otherwise promising lives for its own evil purposes, viewing living beings as nothing more than machine cogs to be ground through.  I honor those that sacrificed for their country, not because what they did for me ( which seems to be the underlying message you get these days- they kept you free.   Sure, douche, it’s all about you, isn’t it? ) but because of the ideal they upheld.


What I DON’T honor are those that died in public service.  This year, there are idiots pushing for us to honor the fallen 9/11 firefighters on Memorial Day.  I simply could not believe it.  Memorial Day is for the military fallen.  Not every swinging dingus out there that is remotely connected to helping us enjoy our Freedom Fries.  I respect the hell out of firefighters, far more than the police ( sorry, LEO brothers ).  Their purpose is strictly good without any corruption or usurpation by outside forces.  They do put their lives at risk, every day.  For their community.  Not for their country.  It is one thing to risk your life for the neighborhood you live in, your pseudo-tribe.  It is altogether another to risk your life for some asshat you don’t know or like two thousand miles away.  Not trying to denigrate their efforts locally, but there is a direct correlation between their actions and a reward feedback.  They give to the community and it gives back.  There is no such reward serving in the military.  Only indirectly and then it is a far future reward.  Locals sacrifice immediately benefits, long distance sacrifice might not benefit you or yours for generations, if ever. 


And then there is the slippery slope.  Once you add firefighters, it naturally follows that cops are added to the honor roll.  Even the ones who breach doors at 3pm and kill families.  Even the ones severing at the federal level, the crotch gropers at the airport and the snipers taking out mothers holding babies.  Then slimy politicians are added.  Then county welfare workers who break up families.  Where does it end? 

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