Wednesday, May 14, 2014

chinese investment


No, not another “China and/or Russia is taking over the world, oh my!” article.  This one is about traditional Chinese investments.  Currently, there is a bald ugly fellow going around preaching in the name of all that is holy ( blaspheming for dollars ) to get out of debt and spend less than you make.  People are actually paying him to tell them this.  I might as well tell fat bitches to eat less and charge them for the advice ( actually, if you just eat healthy you will lose weight- there is only so much brown rice and salad you can eat before it seems like a better deal to go hungry until the next meal ).  Okay, this isn’t all that bad because if you are so humping stupid that you can’t figure this out on your own, Dave Ramsey deserves the money you give him for his “financial” classes.  What really sticks in my craw, though, is his investment advice following his budgeting advice.  Any advice, well-meaning or just in service of our banker masters, is evil if it puts your money in the hands of these vicious greedy bastards.  Not because they give you one half of one percent interest on your savings account while they charge you twenty-three on their credit card, but because sure as God made little green apples the bankers will cause your money to disappear sooner rather than later.


Already over in Europe, various countries at the forefront of the Great 2008 Meltdown are freezing bank accounts, giving you a worthless government bond that will mature in never and calling it an even trade.  In recent history many a time countries thought it was a neat trick to inflate money away to nothing.  Well, surprise!  It WILL happen here and if you have ANY electronic savings ( to include a checking or savings account, 401K, retirement and etc. ) they will be disappeared.  I can guarantee it.  Now, while our good buddy Dave is busy telling you how the bankers love you long time, baby, the Chinese are snickering behind their Great Wall and pointing to what silly Imperial Running Dogs we are.  Most Chinese ( of course there will be plenty of idiots over there, also ) will remember their cultural traditions and recall that every single government throughout both their history and ours has always, always and I’m not sure if I’m repeating myself but what the hell, ALWAYS hump everyone and go bust.  You must think you are one smart cookie if you think you can time the collapse.  The Chinese have usually taken their surplus wealth ( again, please notice the words I am using. SURPLUS.  I’m not talking about using the normal budget you need for paying off debt or buying prep supplies ) and invested it in family business start-ups ( other cultures may have done the same-I’m familiar with the Chinese from reading up on the global family linked business phenomenon ).  You aren’t eliminating the risk of loss, but rather the risk of confiscation.  As I always say, if a cultural trait has lasted through history, it must work and we would do well to listen.

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