Monday, May 26, 2014

more panic shopping


Well, I had a nice long article already written up yesterday I was going to post as today’s second post but the thing kind of bite me in the ass.  I had written about how wonderful epoxy was and how I improved a belt knife and then the damn thing came undone on me hours after the maximum curing time and the whole concept went into the toilet.  Now, I know I told you that you only get one article on holidays, but my radiant hair and my giving nature compelled me to include the second one.  It was going to be epoxy, but now you just get a quick update on my fevered panic buying.  I always have 101 reasons why I’m in a panic stockpiling as quickly as possible.  This time, besides possible impending unemployment ( I heard rumors of thrift store sales down almost as bad as Wal-Mart, and that’s bad ), I’m getting tired of every swinging dingus out there jacking me on price just so they can continue paying their mortgage and the SUV payment and buying skittles and crack.  Why is it my fault you are a moron, a douche and a rectal sniffer?  Six months ago I was looking for a Mk9no1 Enfield bayonet ( the knife one rather than the tent stake ) and they were going for thirty to fifty bucks.  Today, the few that are left, $100!!!!  They can all kiss my ass.  I went to

and bought four of the mk2’s for $12 each ( two years ago, Shotgun News ad price $9- I can live with that increase ).  Okay, they’re only good for sticking rather than cutting.  I know they are inferior.  But I figure sooner rather than later, everyone else will conclude as I have that they are the only bayonets left and jack up the price on those, too.  I already have one spike and one knife bayonet, but that isn’t enough for four rifles, now is it?  And I bought four more to get free shipping.  Also, for those that agreed with me about panicking on the Russian surplus 762x54r, I see Sportsman’s Guide is out of stock on them.  Good call.  Good minions!  Biscuits for you.

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  1. I panic over firewood. If for some strange reason I can't travel south for the winter, I'm going to need a pile of it. It's my sole source of heat, provides most of my cooking, and most of my hot water. September is serious panic month as that's when I notice the pile is still too small. Gathering firewood with handsaws in deep snow and dragging the trees to the house sucks. It can be done. I've done it. It sucks.

    1. I'm glad its not just me who panics regularly.

  2. For long term survivalist, I think it helps to be spooked every once in a while. Otherwise, we eat all our preps and use all our toilet paper without replacing it with new.

    I try to have at least two "D-days" every year --spring and fall -- where I say that by such and such date is the big one. I inventory and restock everything.

    Idaho Homesteader

  3. Use a pneumatic tamper to pack dirt into
    the tires for the walls of your earthship.

    1. I like the lack of digging ( down deep, anyway ) for tire walls.

  4. Saw this link for bayonet fighting / training and thought of you. :^)