Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chinese Oil

Perhaps a bit far off, but somehow I don't think so: As our economy implodes for whatever reason, the Powers That Be must have cash and so they begin selling both our food AND our oil production to the one paying the best.  This has been done everywhere in our colonies, at the expense of the hungry peasants.  So, if we are going to lose the Empire we might suddenly find ourselves there.  It is all fun and games while you are on the top of the big dung pile, but less fun when you fall to the bottom.  Not only does this enrich our Fearless Leaders, it starves the Useless Eaters who must be eliminated because of Gore Warming, but it also is a weapon against any rebels who don't delight in starving in the dark.  This is where Militia Porn actually comes on its own, if you disregard the more idiotic concepts like "I ignored the last 100 years of Constitutional disregard, I didn't pay any attention to indefinite detention, but by gum trying to take my plastic poodle shooter is an affront against Sweet Baby Jesus Himself and this will not stand!" plot line ( you can gleam many ideas on strategies and possible hostile actions ). 
Don't think the Feds are omnipotent, because in rreality they are small in number, incompetent and impotent unless they can corner you in force.  But don't think the rebel forces can win easily just because their cause is just.  The Feds will respond with atrocities that make African tribal genocide look harmless in comparison ( keep in mind that the Indefinite Detention is a perfect cover for Disappearing folks into shallow graves ).  Starving the masses is going to be the least worst thing that they do.  Making a profit from that?  Frosting on the cake.  They will massage the production numbers to make it look like it is all surpluses, and then blame all the deaths of civilians on rebels.  If you think about it, the feds HAVE to do this, because they have neither the forces, the will, the resources or the competence to fight conventionally.  So, regardless of how Peak Oil plays out, you worthless eaters will see a lot less supply going to your needs.  Like food, heat or light.  Something to look forward to.

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  1. We see this currently with the fight over the pipeline. They promise more and less costly fuel yet the plan is to just sell it all offshore. Witness the Alskan pipeline, not a drop of that has made it to the lower 48 ! All going to the far east.
    Same old game just later on in the picture....

    1. Was the spotted owl a guise to stop logging and use those forrests as a reserve for future Jap sales?

  2. Not only is your hair awe inspiring but you are right about North America becoming a resource colony of the next empire. The US .gov is sitting on LOTS (relatively speaking) of resources all over the western USA, and Canada is as well, The question is will they release the resources all at once (giving us _maybe_ a decade of our current lifestyles) or will they parcel them out slowly after a general 'gear down' of lifestyle - such a wait would be politically easier and get a lot more labor willing to work cheaper, and give those in charge more profit. Work camps will be arranged to pay down the nations debt as we clearcut the forests, strip mine the coal, frack the coastal waters, etc. If you have a body worth shipping to the camps and nothing else more important to do for TPTB they will find some excuse to ship you off - owe money? need a job? received welfare? homeless? commit a minor misdemeanor? Evacuated due to natural disaster? you WILL work in the camps and it be like the gulags of Lenin- you will speak the party line and get just enough gruel to keep you wanting more while doing manual labor that robots and machines could do cheaper - if the parts and power were available.

    1. Gulags, yes. But the proceeds are not to pay down debt, it is to just enrich TPTB. No one ever pays more than the interests, or it would all fall apart, I think. Still waiting for Brit and Frog WWI repayment.

    2. Paying the debt enriches TPTB- as long as it is just the interest.
      Defaulting on the debt(s) cannot be allowed as it stops the flow of interest payments.
      Paying down the debt(s) cannot be allowed as it stops the flow of interest payments.
      Accumulating new debt will be encouraged, as will any sort of debt conversion as those will allow for new debt fees and interests.
      Usury was a 'sin' warned about in many religions for exactly this reason. Jubilee was enforced for a similar reason too. When the tax collectors and loan makers were the same politically hated minority the purges against them made the debts go away.
      But all that has changed. Now the bankers in charge have the best PR and lobbyists they can buy and have rigged the game in their favor in every contingency.

    3. I wonder if the early ( early as in re-emerged after the Dark Ages ) bankers encouraged the Inquisition to give the Church a bad name to discourage the whole "usury bad" thing? Course, I could be overly paranoid and looking for tin foil hats under every rock

    4. Man Oh Man!
      You are really tripping on this one! LSD, crank, horse, pcp or meth?!
      Let's see if I got it right......... they are going to sell the food to get money? DUH?! They MAKE their own money!!!!!!

      You Know Who