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Economically, once the petro-dollar standard was abandoned by one and all, we would have crashed and burned in a repeat of The Great Depression. Perhaps it would have been a bit worse, maybe along the lines of during the War Of Northern Aggression down in the South where Sherman was destroying all crops, even or especially civilian ( Vietnamese civilian atrocities were nothing new-they had been perfected a hundred years previously by the Federals ) ones. There would have been malnutrition widespread and famine induced deaths on the edges, but by and large society would have continued to function quite well in a macro sense. There is a difference between social disaster and civilization collapse. During the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Russian Ukrainian farm collectivism, Chairman Mao’s Chinese Great Leap Forward, famine was controlled. It was directed at segments of undesirables, by the government ( and yes, Virginia, you are a stupid na├»ve twat if you don’t think the Northern Federals were content to starve out the rural poor in the Depression. They had no compunction of killing civilians during the war, nor afterwards during Reconstruction, nor allowing them to wither away from neglect. The War was about Federal control over the States, from the Northern point of view [ the South saw their economic livelihood endangered by soil degradation and needed to expand ], and the South was the Yankee Empires first colony-occupied and forced to pay tribute and overseen by local henchmen of the imperialists. And like colonists everywhere, their wellbeing was not as important as their tribute. Or did you forget the potato famine in Ireland? ).


But what we are going to see after the petroleum supply ceases to be imported into this country is not just a simple economic collapse. Granted, we are currently in an economic collapse, but we are not going to be so lucky as to only see that. We are now looking at civilization collapse. We are not going to see something like every militia-man’s wet dream of NATO forces battling courageous semi-auto toting patriots in the cities, the federal forces drone bombing civilians into internment camps or any of the like. That is based on yesterday’s fantasies based on the villainous centralized government. Which was based on abundant supplies of energy to complete their domination. We are effectively out of energy ( yes, despite being third largest producer of oil, we are “out”. In the sense that continually increasing sources of carbon fuels are needed to propel our economy, that is what it is based on, and that even if we produce quite a bit, we use four times that amount ).


But even worse than severe energy shortages, our food supply is in danger. Despite a patch here or there, almost all our farmland is degraded. The soil has been exhausted and overworked. The only thing keeping us fed is oil ( even the growing number of organic farms with better soil are totally dependent on petroleum inputs ). Oil inputs and imported nitrogen fertilizer inputs. Over half of our artificial fertilizer is imported from spots where the natural gas is almost a waste product and it is far more profitable to turn that into an agricultural commodity than to try to pipeline it. This is not to say that the US has been wiped out in its soil, a wasteland coast to coast. Rather, most of the soil will need to be worked back up organically to once again to sustainable. What our farms can’t do is feed 333 million ( 313 plus or minus plus however many illegals ) people in the condition they are now in without continuing to be based on mechanized petroleum run artificial fertilizer inputted practices. So ask yourself, is agriculture going to get all the oil it needs if suddenly 75% of our oil supply is cut off? Just keeping the elites comfortable, with enough military forces ( or paramilitary. Why do you think every single federal agency has armed SWAT teams, even the Forest Service ) to protect themselves from angry mobs ( akin to the French Revolution, but with better weapons- though most likely the lamppost noose would replace the guillotine ) is going to take most of the reduced supply. Because they need to transport their food from great distances.


In time, and in theory, our fearless East Coast Blue Blood leaders could very well draft enough forced labor to tear down suburbia and condition the soil and start growing locally. But that is probably not going to work out too well. Incompetent leadership ( it isn’t necessarily true that our Muslim Kenyan Immigrant In Chief is a stupid fucking asshole without a brain cell to be had. It could just be that he is paid to stay pretty, keep his opinions to himself, do as he is told and say what is on the Teleprompter. If the bankers that control this country wanted any lip from him they would merely need to scrape their zippers clean ), suddenly directionless, would screw that up in two shakes. Our population of dumbed down marshmallow people are quite content to play along with anything such as indefinite detention without charges which is so blatantly un-Constitutional that even a mental patient with a frontal lobotomy would take the time to wipe the drool from his chin and agree. As long as they are bribed with Bread ( genetically modified corn based sweeteners and animal feed ) and Circuses ( every school budget primarily going to high end staff and any and all sports programs to field teams for our viewing pleasure, all others fed 500 cable channels filled with “reality” shows and celebrity fawning ). But how do you get the bread to the cities when the trip is in the thousands of miles? And how does the TV stay on when the trucks can’t get to the coal mines or delivery to the power stations? 
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