Friday, May 2, 2014

oxy tab magic

Here is a neato trick a minion saw online and repeated to verify.  You can seal Mason jars full of foods or moisture sensitive goods, and you can now do it without using a mechanical sealer.  Since they cost around $60 or so, this is a substantial savings.  And we all huddle around the campfire and confer and agree that putting an oxygen absorber in a container of stuff we want to save is a really good idea, so really, there is no extra cost here.  You fill your jar, place an absorber in ( singular ), put the lid on and walk away.  In a couple of hours or the next morning, all the air that is going to be gone is, AND as a bonus the lib is sealed on tight ( you'll hear the PING as it seals ).  Put a ring on to make sure it stays that way and store it away.  Yes, Mason jars are not cheap, and they are bulky, and you must do something to replace the disposable rings ( they sell the reusable ones, plus there is a trick about soaking the disposables in water and baking soda I can't remember to rejuvenate them ).  But as long as space is not an issue, Mason jars are a wonderful barter/trading item.  Their investment will pay well in the future.  The bulk of your food should be in poly buckets, but plenty of goods scream out for jar storage.  Books of matches.  Reloading components.  Dried meat.  Don't you love being a tight-ass?
Oxy Absorbers For Sale

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  1. There ya go Bubba , thought that a fair deal on Oxy Absorbers...

  2. I have reused "disposable canning lids" for years with no ill effects. DO NOT bend the lid when removing and boil it for 10-15 minutes before reusing. With some delicate work, you can even get lids with bent edges to work...especially if just for vacuum sealing with a ring.