Thursday, May 8, 2014

4 2 1

4 2 1

When you are a poor humper, as opposed to a Yuppie Survivalist who has far more dollars than sense, you have little choice but to stockpile grains as your food storage.  This is a wonderful way to stock not a month, or six months, or even at a stretch a year, as the “eat the same food as now after the apocalypse” crowd who somehow thinks the collapse of civilization means you can somehow continue a middle class lifestyle, but more like five or seven years.  If One Is None And Two Is One, then one year of survival food is none and five ain’t no jive ( I don’t know if that phrase will catch on, but it’s the best I can come up with right now after a shift at work ).  What with crop failures, bandit raids and what-not, you can never have enough food.  Of course, a grain diet is far from perfect.  It is not a complete diet but one that gives you a core amount of calories you can count on, and then supplement as needed in a perfect world.  And while I’d recommend grain first, and a lot of it, because all preppers everywhere are one world event away from never being able to buy grain again ( at least not much, or at affordable prices, or without a wait ), at some point it is very smart to add legumes ( beans ) to that stash.  Eating the two together makes for a complete protein, whereas eating just one, either one, will make for a nutrition deficit.  The ideal is 4 2 1.  Four parts grain to one part beans.  If you have a thousand pounds of wheat, add 250 pounds of beans to it.  I’ll cover cooking beans another time.


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