Friday, May 2, 2014

property target


I had a thought the other day ( and yes, it hurt ).  Let’s assume you are the average scumbag non-prepper.  You know, on either welfare or a government contractor job ( it is amazing our parallels to 30’s Nazi Germany as a command economy ) and you are so busy paying month cell phone bills you don’t have any time or interest or budget to buy a friggin case of rice for $20.  But even if you are stupid with money and future orientation, you aren’t unintelligent.  Come crunch time, you have a shotgun and a box of ammo, and you now need to go get some food.  Is it feasible that you might make the following assumptions?  Everyone that lives off the paved road, or on the roads that are seeing less services due to budget cuts, can’t always get to the store because of snow in the winter ( this is going to be especially true of retirees or home workers since they have the luxury of waiting out the storms ).  Ergo, it must hold true that these houses hold more than the typical amount of food.  Now, I’m not saying this is necessarily true.  These are the same people that think they will have a job in thirty years ( at a time of conventional oil production fields declining an average of five to eight percent a year ) to pay off a mortgage.  But wouldn’t this be a valid assumption for the average above intelligent looter?  Even if you don’t have a retreat but just a normal home in the boonies, you might be a target for no other reason than you are far away from a store.  Just something to ponder.

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  1. Might have more food but rural people usually have more guns, dogs, etc. Plus it will take a lot more gas to get to those rural places.

    And if something big goes down, rural people will be setting up road blocks. In my small town, this is something we even talk about in everyday conversation. Nothing weird about it.

    We are also use to taking care of our own problems and not waiting for the LEOs. If I hear something weird down our private road or at the neighbors, I don't call 911. I go and check it out--usually armed. It's just the way it is.

    Rural folks by nature are already suspicious of strangers. I was raised in the city but have lived out in the country for the last 20 years. I find myself getting nervous when going to a big town because out here you either know everyone by name or by sight.

    If you see someone you don't know, you are immediately wary of them. Usually, you stop and ask them who they know or if you can help them. If they don't come up with a reasonable answer, locals will often give a stern warning and a veiled threat. I've done it myself and I consider myself a pretty laid back person. And this happens in a code green condition. Imagine an emergency or tense situation.

    Even if you have a bug out location paid for up here, if you can't name your neighbors or some other locals, I'm not sure if you would be let in.

    So the gangbangers can come and try but they probably won't be seeing their next birthday.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. and whats going to happen to those empty survivalist retreats that the rich big city Yuppie survivalist is not going to be getting to?
      Looters in the rural areas are going to be the neighbors before the gangbangers from the city can get there anywhere more than and hours drive from the city.

  2. Of course, these rural, out of the way place are just the sort of places where people tend to keep guns of their own.

    1. Granted. But as the Other Great Jim said, "they have the guns but we have the numbers".

    2. Yeah, but how are they going to get here?

      I live in the mountains and the roads usually follow the river valleys. There are only a few ways in and out. They are easily blocked at choke points.

      In the small town I live in there is ONE main road through our town. We are totally surrounded by mountains except for the river valley.

      There are lots of forest roads but they are not well maintained, seasonal access and a LONG way to the next town of any size. The roads are unmarked and it's like a maze.

      Why would someone from the city travel 60 miles for our few supplies when there are more easy picking in town?

      Plus, they are going to have to go through several small towns to get to mine. Won't be many gangbangers left by the time they reach here.

      Who I worry about is the friends and relative of folks who already live here. Are you going to turn away your neighbor's kid? Nope, won't happen.

      So our population will double or triple at first. Then after a little bit, the old folks and folks on meds will die. Then you'll be stuck with their family who has no ties or loyalty to our town. They also have no clue about the local pecking order and how things are done around here.

      Things will start to get scarce and the town will divide between the new residents and old timers. Both will feel justified in being here and fights will break out. People will quit working as a team.

      As resources are used up, people will move back to town in hopes of getting help from the gov't.

      The people that are left will regroup but their numbers will be fewer. And that is when I'll have to worry about marauders unless things rebalance and a new equilibrium is found.

      They way to combat this is to be proactive in integrating the new folks when they first arrive. Might not work but if you and your town have their act together it just might.

      I like the new format. It's giving me things to think about.

      Idaho Homesteader

    3. I'll say, I don't think you've ever been this chatty. :)

  3. Chad - father of nine - WisconsinMay 4, 2014 at 4:36 PM

    Look as poor as an average person..

    Joe Nobody wrote in one of his books about keeping a set of burned siding to install on your house when SHTF... making yourself look barely scraping by...

    Wear baggy clothing to hide the full belly... don't wash your faces or hands so you appear filthy... bitch about the lack of food and power... appear normal.

    I like my AKs, my PSL, etc... but if I am going into town for bartering... its my old .30/30 that will be on the sling or my .308 enfield... My Draco will be under my coat. We'll only run fires at night so no visible smoke..

    1. I admire most work over at prepper press. Good advice mixed into the yuppie survival scum dressing