Friday, May 9, 2014

BLM bandits


Word out from Utah that a BLM agent was just threatened.  Unlike you pussies back East, here in the Wild West there has been a continuing revolt against the federal government.  All very low key of course.  Nobody is meeting at midnight, clutching their AR’s tightly, rubbing the plastic stock against their junk mumbling for the God of Probabilities to grant them one hit out of thirty as they spray and pray.  It probably just involves times where too much alcohol was consumed and the constant simmering anger and discontent bubbles over into action.  Not that I’d know.  Militia activity in an era of indefinite detentions, “disappearings” and lack of Constitutional protections is an idiots game.  I’ll stay on the sidelines and wait for the empire to crumble on its own, thank you very much.  But the incident down near Vegas where the Supreme Douchebag Of The Universe Harry Reid called protestors domestic terrorists has got the folks in an uproar and hence the Utah incident.  Two gents in masks and duct-taped license plates pulled next to a BLM truck and banished a pistol and held up a sign “you’re dead”.  Well, the sign probably read “your dead” or some other misspelling, but the fed got the point.  All others were notified to be extra careful.  This is our fedgov on high alert, a notice “let’s be careful out there!”  Ya think?  You kind of have to be an idiot to join the BLM.  Their offices have been bombed, for goodness sakes.  But I suppose the high salary is a draw, and youth is forever thinking themselves indestructible.  But you have to wonder, what will it take for the gloves to really come off in the “sagebrush revolt”?  So far both sides mostly play at war.  But obviously discontent brews ( all very pathetic of course. On the one hand without federal projects such as highways and dams the West would be uninhabitable.  On the other, it is time to give up on controlling so much land.  Population pressures demand it, if nothing else ).  It shall be interesting.

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  1. Wonder if the BLM agents have read the book, 'Unintended Consequences' .

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Probably not-outside their paradigm. Perhaps Mein Kompf?

  2. It is only a matter of time (maybe 10 years...and maybe 200 years) before the general population really starts to ask, "just exactly who are these fedgov agencies"? Many of them, historically, are just manifestations of graft and backroom fatcat relationships with politicians.

    My dear Mother says that they should not be disobeyed, and I told her that they are just figments of the horrendous oligarchy that exists today in America. All these fedgov agencies report up to the President of the United States, with the exception of the General Accounting Office (which reports directly to the United States Congress). That in itself should tell you something. They're all bent towards pleasing one man or woman, albeit the legitimate "executive branch" of our government.

    Therein lies the biggest flaw in these agencies. Like adolf hitler's own private enforcement agency (the SS) that answered directly to him, each of these current US fedgov agencies are analogous to the SS.

    I understand and respect the "executive branch" as a part of our government, but it is wayyyyy out of whack right now (and has been for many decades) in how empowered it is in respect to the power of Congress.

    A reckoning is coming for these crooks.

    1. Look point, good comparrison. Obviously, I couldn't have said it better myself

  3. Pressure in our society between the 'authorities' and the common man is increasing daily - and we have such examples as robin hood, hunger games, etc., etc., in fiction and the Bundy Ranch etc in real life of resistance to the authorities--- Countered by examples like Ruby ridge, Waco, of loosing to the authorities. I expect that we will see more like all the above happening in real life.