Wednesday, May 28, 2014

cause and effect


Once again I weep at the fragile efforts of my fellow blog writers, trapped in repeating endlessly the myths and ancient ponderings of those they blindly follow.  I’ve run into several articles recently on The Reason The Collapse Is Just Around The Corner And I Implore Thee In The Name Of Baby Jesus To Buy Through My Advertisers And Prepare Right Friggin Now.  Now, there is absolutely no reason to disregard this, because as I’ve snarled and got lippy about before, you need to act like the collapse was going to happen yesterday, not tomorrow.  Just like prepping during the Cold War assumed the evil commie bastards ( kill a commie for mommy! ) could launch immediately and there was zero time to prep, so too  today you never know just when the economy is going to go off the rails and your paycheck dries up and the sheriffs deputies evict you at 3 am with a SWAT team  and you have zero time to prep ( and this is the best that can happen in the future ).  No, what I have a problem with as far as these articles go is the sloppy thinking.  They take symptoms of the collapse and use it as a reason the collapse is going to happen.  There is an implied escape clause there, as if we could all just join hands and forgive each other for being an asshat, the collapse would never occur.  Sloppy thinking leads to sloppy assumptions and those lead to death or being in the stewpot.


You know the lists I’m talking about.  We have moved away from God.  We have abandoned the traditional family unit.  We have become unmindful of our neighbors.  These are the causes of resource depletion and over-population.  In times of plenty everyone acts like sunshine pours out of their fellow man’s ass, but in times of scarcity it is every man for himself.  This is human nature.  It is hardwired.  You can’t change it even if everyone suddenly started going to church.  Hell, that would make it worse as the mobs were given permission to smite each other.  The fact that traditional values have been abandoned is proof positive we are in a collapse.  Use this as validation to act accordingly.  Which mainly means, as our wise old Uncle Remus says, getting the hell away from crowds.  I’d add it means giving up the traditional values you hold dear but others use as an excuse to screw you.  Such as helping out family when all they are doing is humping you ( yes, I’m guilty ).  Or believing in the sanctity of marriage as your spouse just uses you.  I’m not saying act as poorly as all the rest, you just need to act LIKE them even if you don’t act AS BADLY.  You don’t have to give up living honorably,  you just need to stop treating some people that way.  Not everyone deserves your efforts.  Just food for thought.

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  1. "The fact that traditional values have been abandoned is proof positive we are in a collapse. Use this as validation to act accordingly....I’d add it means giving up the traditional values you hold dear but others use as an excuse to screw you."

    Excellent point!!

    The folks who have the best chance of survival are those who are willing to accept the new reality. The faster you can turn the corner and realistically view your situation and realize that things have changed. The sooner you can position yourself to face what awaits you.

    Idaho Homesteader

  2. Hey, just came across the "new" blog when I looked up the old one and saw that you moved here. Glad you're writing more. I always get a good chuckle from your words of wit. Keep at it. Will try for some more productive comments in the future.
    -Unbreakable AZ

  3. Good post and a good reminder that folks don't need to spend money on commercial crap. Grain, rice, beans, pasta, are inexpensive. Yes I have a few mountain house items but my bulk is in those items. Spaghetti is great cause it packs compactly and being thin, it cooks faster than some pastas when they get old.

    Yes people will be assholes. I was a LEO during Katrina. We had a female volunteer firefighter come to the station. Seems her husband snapped and wouldn't share their water even with his own children. He was gone mentally.

    My point is that this was a short term "collapse". When it all goes down there will be sheep and wolves. But remember sheep will cut you given the chance. I've been in the sheep dog role. It is admirable but when it really goes down, they will be home with their families.

    Get out of the cities and make plans for when it happens. If its not the end of the world what have you lost? Stress?