Saturday, May 17, 2014

jumping the shark


Way back in the Seventies, there was the sitcom “Happy Days”. I’m sure we’ve all heard of it, if not watched it. Near the end, ratings were dropping and so the producers decided to jazz things up and have Fonzi jump over a tank of sharks on his motorcycle. After that, a Hollywood slang for a show desperately trying to stay alive by introducing gimmicks was “jumping the shark”. One obvious one today is “Two And A Half Men”, almost every show so needy for attention, so pathetic ( one recent ploy was getting the “70’s Show” girlfriend back with Walden, the character of the actor who had played her boyfriend then. Believe me, I only should have learned that by watching the commercials ). You might think I only sit around watching TV, but I only subject myself one hour or so a night on work nights, mainly as a sleeping aid as I slow my brain down. Anyway, let’s talk about America, and her empire, now obviously Jumping The Shark.


Obammy was never elected. Americans, or I should say ENOUGH Americans, only act non-racist when there is an audience. He was Selected. My point being, he acts as he has been told to act. His handlers obviously only wanted a pretty face to read the teleprompter. They didn’t select him for his brain ( he was sent through school on his race-little effort on his part was required ). So obviously, they must be behind his actions ( or, have no care how he acts outside their direction ). This is one dumb ass house negro, I’m telling you what. Studying his actions for more than a few minutes it is obvious as hell this cat has zero clue about anything. It isn’t just an act. He is our Gimmick President. The fact that he inflames most citizens was never considered. The fact that he makes all of us look like complete and utter fools was never considered. The fact that he hurts our geopolitical needs was obvious not considered. The only consideration was that after the Hanging Chad fiasco, after the Gore Warming fiasco ( the Hanging Chad conceder being bribed with speaking engagements ), after the Weapons Of Mass Destruction fiasco, no one took our country seriously. Public relations were in the toilet ( and yes, you do need to propagandize the colonists, to keep then quiet and compliant ). So we had to Jump The Shark. We needed a President that looked like he had been elected. We needed a nice face to hide our colonial genocide behind. And we got him ( imagine that! ). But Jumping The Shark never works. You end up looking far worse than before. In the end, no one is fooled.


This is what kicking the can down the road looks like.


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