Wednesday, May 7, 2014

rifle rest


A big wet sloppy kiss to my loyal minion for this one- a redneck rifle rest. Now, we all make fun of rednecks. Even mockingly refer to ourselves as The Trailer Trash Irregulars, we merry band of readers. But that is self-deprecation, for our amusement. Other more sinister dark forces, minions of Lucifer, actually hate rednecks. They are so insecure in their own bondage to the banks and the corporations, they fear and loath those who don’t share in the idea that owing liege to a lord is a good thing. Probably this is because the bulk of rednecks descended from Celts who owed fealty only to their tribal chieftain, and then only because of battle merit. By surrendering a small part of their independence to win in battle, they gained far more autonomy than they surrendered. Most other groups were just full of pathetic peasants used to groveling at the lords whim. Most Yuppie Scum are descendents of this pathetic rabble. To garner any amount of self-respect, they must loath the free. So when rednecks make a virtue of being poor, those in golden handcuffs must scoff. And hence, Behold! The beauty of the frugal rifle rest!


An amount of non-flexible cord is tied in a loop from ones belt. The butt of the rifle rests there, taking most of the weight off of the arms. The rifle is ready to spring into action, and more expensive slings, conventional or tactical, are not needed. Just beware the need for supplemental suspenders if this slides for pants done past your butt crack.


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  1. Or you may wear , ala bandoleer, a
    length of rope with a loop at belt level
    for the rifle butt to rest in.

    1. That might do less as far as pulling your pats down. But it would be a pain in the neck. Literally.

  2. Replies
    1. Let's hope this one lasts longer than two years.