Sunday, August 31, 2014

gun sales down


Smith and Wesson just saw a huge drop in its sales and some are forecasting this is the end of the panic buying.  Sure, it could be.  Every swinging cheese dingus out there who was saving his allowance magnanimously granted by their Barbie Princess wife finally years later was able to buy the overpriced semi-auto of his erotic wet dreams and the supply of those suckers has dried up.  I’m even seeing some private sale semi’s being offered whereas before there were none.  Not even record prices could get most folks to part with their prized poodle shooters.  Not that this makes a trend.  Hell, it could just be that S&W is an asswhore worthless company and their only uptick in sales was because folks were so desperate for firepower they went to them as a last resort after everyone else was sold out or offering waiting lists.  Or, it could be that sales are down and private sales are up because the economy has contracted that much and the proof is in the pudding that disposable income is shrinking.  The numbers might be so messaged that we never saw a huge drop in employable hours, or wages have really dropped below inflation.  Or any other number of things.  Since the media is getting better and better about this disinformation thing, even the most astute analytical researcher is going to be kept in the dark.  Like, how the petrodollar decline is picking up steam.


The big Russian gas company just stopped accepting dollars as payment.  No big deal, those jingoistic “American Empire AND Frack Oil Forever And Ever To Infinity And Beyond” proponents reply.  Until the Saudi’s stop taking the greenbacks, our economy won’t take a big squishy dump.  No?  Are you betting your life on that?  Obviously you are.  Why is it that you believe the Saudi oil fields are off limits to attack?  The Iran fields weren’t.  Nor the Iraqi.  Not the Libyan.  Or Syrian.  If, say, Russia were to pay a proxy to damage Saudi production ( ISIS, anyone? ) who would benefit?  Russia perhaps?  Their Siberian fields are younger and less tapped out than Saudi Arabia’s.  If they are only taking Rubles and Yuan in payment, and suddenly they become the number one oil producer ( the US might be #3, but that helps not at all if we need three times as much for domestic use ), do you see ANY way we could either interest anyone in taking our dollars, or getting Russia to take them for oil for the US?  With control of the Ukraine ( they aren’t even really trying to control it.  Yet ) they won’t need our grain.  China might need our soy, even though they have been busy cultivating South America for that source, but they will just give us manufactured crap rather than currency.  The petro-dollar collapse could easily be overnight, and it will be as damaging as an EMP attack.

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  1. And, Heck why not both? A limited EMP attack is easy enough to pull off - hitting for example just a small handful of major port cities, without even having to use a nuke in fact, combined with a sudden currency manipulation crashing the dollar, and you have brought the USA to its knees.

  2. EMP attack may not work as well as the science fiction writers would have us believe. I've seen government studies where only partial knockout has occurred.

    1. And I've heard that the cars they used were borrowed and had to be returned so the tests used reduced power bursts. I can't vouch for the correctness of that, just that it's another rumor. That's the problem with the government always lying like a rug. When can you believe it, even if it is the truth?