Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Another excuse folks are going to use to avoid riding a bike full time and giving up their car so they can tell Uncle Obammy to hump off ( combined taxes on gasoline exceed combined private sector profits from all parties-oil company, refiner, retailer ) is that ooh golly gosh the weather it is just so frightful.  Well no crap Sherlock.  If you wear T-shirts and tennis shoes and run screaming like a naked girl from an overheated house to an always running car ( seriously, people?  You need to leave the car idling as you go into the store shopping just so the thing is toasty warm when you get back?  Who hasn’t ever heard of a friggin sweater? ) and drive to a heated office, well then I guess any season NOT summer is just as miserable and unbearable as can be.  But here is a little secret.  Your body burns fat to keep itself warm.  If you don’t warm your body with a heater, whether that is central heat or a car heater, your body will burn fat to keep itself alive.  Fat bastards of the world!  Turn off your heaters! Guaranteed weight loss.  Okay, don’t be like that naked girl.  You can’t NOT cover yourself and dress properly.  You’re NOT exposing yourself in an unsafe manner, you are just asking your body to heat itself and then your layers of clothes will trap in that heat.


Riding in the winter ain’t so bad.  Everyone is different, so experiment, but I dress in twos.  Two wool sweaters under a jacket ( just to keep the wind away, not too thick ), two pants-one wool, two socks-one wool, two beanies under a wool cap.  I love wool, and you can wear it OVER cotton if it makes you itch ( the only exception would be if you don’t have long sleeve shirts and a sweater touches your arms.  They have grades of wool that are soft and non-itchy.  They will boast about that in the advertisement ). With a ski mask, swamp boots ( rated minus 30 ) and artic mittens I can easily be out for my hour commute in fifteen below.  If I put on more, I’d sweat too much.  For snow tires, they now sell them for bikes.  I’ve heard of folks making their own by going from inside to out with screws ( U-Tube it, I’m sure there are plenty of ideas ).  And you could try just wrapping a thin metal wire around the tire and rim ( obviously, that wouldn’t work with brake pads ).  I don’t have that worry, nor experience, here in the dry desert.   If it rains, I have my two piece military surplus rain suit ( the Wal-Mart crap is thin crap which doesn’t last worth a crap.  Try Sportsman’s for great surplus ).  Usually I just go with the pants and get a bit wet with my regular jacket and if in the thirties, a thin wool sweater under that.  Both pieces at the same time you are sweating because of the non-porous material.  Being out in the weather can suck.  So can making a car payment or being overweight.  Nothing is without cost or compromise.  As a bonus, having gear for winter biking, come the power outages you are all set whereas your snooty neighbors with their BMW will freeze to death after their gas tank runs out.


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  1. Living in Northern NH, winter is no joke. It bugs the hell out of me when people leave their over heated houses and jump into a warm car with just light clothes on. If the car breaks down they'll quickly freeze to death. I've rescued a few of them so I know.

    Fat tire bikes are getting really popular here for winter riding. They even ride the snowmobile trails. They seem to work really well.

    1. I know straight up fat tires work well for me, but there is little moisture here. Do they work well on ice or do your folks use studded tires?

  2. And if the snow is really too deep to bike? then break old the old pair of snow shoes or cross country skis. The snow isn't too deep if you cant use them.
    And as a final option- mare shank. aka FOOT, at least if it is closer than 5 miles. If a lard ass like me can walk 5 miles in just over 2 hours, very leisurely and taking lots of breaks, surely someone who is trying to PREP can do so.
    Wheels are NICE efficiency increasers but FOOT is something more dependable than any other and what everyone will have to rely more on in the future.