Sunday, August 3, 2014

6 months escape/prep 4


( Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead )


Living Like A Bare Assed Savage

I know that we would all prefer to have the Apocalypse Fairy wave her ( yes, her-as is Shiva Destroyer Of Worlds ) magic wand over our sad and pathetic heads and sprinkle sparkling unicorn dust on us and then pull a Leprechaun with a magically delicious bag of gold out of her ass and POOF before you know it we  are sitting atop a mountain in a concrete Fortress O’ Doom with an arsenal of semi-automatic weapons and enough MRE’s to stop all our colon functions, but in Reality Land ( also known as “Life Is Like A Crap Sandwich- The More Bread You Got The Less Crap You Got To Eat” ) there is no such thing as a free lunch and to get There from Here we must sacrifice and work hard.  This is altogether a foreign concept for most of us, having cast the dice and thrown in our lot with Oil Age decadent living.  And the few of us that don’t either have older age against us ( by the time you achieve wisdom, your body decides it is wise to start breaking down- this isn’t a response to the indignities of youth you have visited upon it but just simple chemistry.  Once you procreate, your body abandons you and treats you vilely, as badly as a corporation treats its workforce ) or are still young enough to think they know better than I.


For two or three months, you are going to be living out of a tent.  Or, if your car was already paid for and you brought it along, living out of a tent and your car ( a car without tags or insurance.  I don’t care if your car “only” takes $100 to run.  You are supposed to be saving EVERYTHING not food related.  Exception:  you can’t find a job close enough to bike AND in addition you already have a good chunk of change in preps which you can subtract from the total such as the two or three rifles ).  You are going to be cooking over a propane camp stove ( do NOT buy a Wal-Mart unit.  They used to last five years.  Now they last five months.  I tried two new ones to be sure, and yes, the second one also only lasted about half a year under daily use.  You are SO friggin welcome I spend more money on you than I get from my writing, to save you money.  I am as a saint ).  If you are lucky, you can bring ice home from town in a cooler in your bike basket ( use a larger cooler on site.  Put the block of ice at an elevated spot, then your food just off the floor of the chest so as not to stand in water.  The cold air falls to refrigerate your food.  It won’t keep raw meat, but it will keep daily and deli which is a far sight better than just eating out of cans ).

This part continued next post.

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  1. when SHTF,where will you be working? and where do you get ice? And where do you get fresh food that needs ice?

    1. This is prepping for SHTF. Golly.

    2. In the old days, people would carve ice blocks from frozen lakes and store them in special ice houses, usually wrapped in straw. The ice would last all through the summer. I've never tried this, but I suspect that an old time refrigerator (Ice box) place in a root cellar, would keep block ice for a very long time? Another inexpensive option is to bury an old appliance (refrigerator, freezer, etc) in the north side of a hill.

  2. if and when the SHTF,do you believe that the bankers will still be coming for car payments,mortgage,etc?

  3. Hey Jim - did you see this ad? 1 acre, just n/o Elko, $1300
    pic looks nice