Monday, September 1, 2014

PODA weapons devolution 9



We all remember the scene from The Postman ( probably one of the best post-apocalypse movies.  As a book, not so great with the college campus robot manufacture nonsense ) when the evil dudes bring in the National Guard cannon and blast down the wooden palisade surrounded village.  It was a great scene, yet more background material to give the group an aura of invincibility ( leading to more of a spastic cheering from the audience when our naturally hair challenged actor wins the day in the end ).  Yet not all that realistic.  Let’s assume the Guard was actually entrusted with this heavy artillery ammunition ( ammunition depots not only centralize but more importantly defuse potential insurgencies ), as dubious as the thought that they left as much ammunition for carbines as they did.  You still don’t need cannon, nor can you afford cannon in a nitrate scarce world.  And if you ever do encounter a stockpile from the pre-collapse army, it will be VERY little.  Ammunition isn’t domestically stored with armaments to a large degree.  The Nevada ammunition depots are not there because the land was free and unlimited.  It was there because no enemies could reach it from overseas, and the federal government could control domestic distribution.  The ammo is too far away, and too easily defended.  Just as Paris was redesigned to quell civilian unrest, the federal government always has ulterior motives in its actions.  Namely, keeping in power.


Outside of salvage and stockpiles, heavy weapons are not going to be feasible in a PODA era.  When you don’t have concentrated high content fuels, you can’t smelt, mine, manufacture or transport.  Not like we have been doing for a hundred and fifty years.  Not to mention the destruction of our infrastructure.  As an empire, we are well on our way into infrastructure breakdown, drawdown and imminent collapse.  New York City is still dependent on 80-120 year old sewer and water and power materials.  They can replace some, add a bit, but never could they replace and upgrade it all ( and upgrading is in some cases a misnomer as most new materials is far from the same robust construction or material ).  That is our national power grid, highways, road, dam, bridge, etc. infrastructure.  This is what the future endowment is going to look like.  Old, used and abused.  Falling apart and decaying.  Money is easy-it is data key strokes on a computer.  Material is far different.  Even now as we lose control of the middle east and its oil, the military is desperately shedding personnel to recover from the last catastrophic material drawdown.  An unprecedented fifteen year retirement is being offered.  If our oil rich empire is in drastic decline ( paralleling the oil itself- the rich part is only relative to the future, not the past ) and can’t produce material, what hope for the future even on a vastly diminished scale?

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  1. Regarding Paris: got a link for it? Been thinking of rearranging my foyer and might borrow some concepts.

    1. Like most of my Fun Filled Facts, I never have any idea where I read it. It is a bear when I don't remember a critical fact and then can't go back and reread. The majority are from books rather than online. Just think straight lines for effective cannon fire and broad lanes for troop movement

    2. Pity. And duly noted... Curio cabinet 6' to the right.