Monday, August 4, 2014

6 months escape/prep 4 part 2

Note: this is a vacation day for me, so only one post and no comments answered.  Don't worry, the next one won't be for another month and a half and I only have another two the rest of the year.


( Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead )


Bare Ass Savage Living continued

For raw meat ( because, again, canned meat cost a first child and tastes like afterbirth- not quite as bad as low quality hot dogs which used to taste like floor sweepings but are so bad now I don’t even want to know what is in them, but certainly worse than real meat ) you can buy a fresh package every night on the way home.  This is no longer cheap nor can you always find a market that sells them.  If both of you are too busy for additional food preps this is a good way to start your non-fridge living.  The better way is to can your meat in a pressure canner which allows you to buy big cuts at a discount.  This isn’t really as frightening as you would be led to believe.  Remember that, one, it is the wife who will take the blunt of the blast, not you, and two, everyone over exaggerates the danger to stay away from the ravenous pig-dog lawyers when, after one and a half million canners are sold, one blows up due to those shifty Oriental ChiComs trying to defeat the American Empire by filling the entire place wall to wall with defective manufactured goods and when we go to warn the armed citizenry of their imminent attack the air raid sirens only fart out a feeble bleet and our ammunition in our AK’s which made its way to us from China through an eastern European nation hangfires. 


For lights, I would stay away from almost all camping units.  Some are okay, but by and large they are crappy illumination.  Just get a thirty watt monocrystalline panel ( $88 with free shipping from Amazon ) and a $65 marine battery and use that to run 12v car LED bulbs.  Buy an auto store bulb base, and run two wires ( + and - ) from battery to base and there is your very bright, five watt draw light for the night.  You can also then use that for other 12v appliances-perhaps even a small TV ( with additional panels, of course ).  Actually, nowadays, electronics is the one place you don’t have to live primitively as long as you keep track of the usage.  Showering is easy enough with a solar camping shower ( if the sun isn’t out, pour in water heated with propane ).  Or just Whore Bath with a nice big thick washcloth.  Bathe one night, wash your hair the next.  Use a two liter pop bottle with holes drilled in the cap ( you can drill with a screw and a screwdriver ) for rinsing off dishes ( washed in a plastic tote ).  Believe me, once you haul water from town, you’ll learn to use very little very quickly.  Coffee tastes great using a campfire percolator- I totally call Useless As Teets On A Bull with the 12v coffee maker.  Wash your cloths in a Laundromat in town.  Camping out ain’t too bad this way, as long as you keep dry from the rain and warm at night and rig a “porch” of some kind screened in to keep bugs away.

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  1. Thank you.

    The way things are going now days your advice makes sense. Seems to be that the s will htf.

    Today is Monday and my flight is Wednesday to take my "vacations" to Costa Rica, I haven't have a vacation in the last ten years. "I'm not running away". I just got to visit my older brother down there. Wife don't want to join me. She's benn planning to divorce me as soon as she retires, (10 yrs from now) go do plastic surgery to pull all the wrinkles and lipo all the fat.
    If I don't hear from you that means *"that you didn't take your own advice"*.

    However, If the shtf down there where you are I'll send you the 20.00 dlls. you been saying "I owe you". But you must send me the receipt and the goods to verify that you really spend the money (notarized copy please).

    Your Mormon friend.

  2. If you really want to impress the yuppies after TSHTF, you could buy a propane drip coffee maker.

    We found one at Costco a few years ago. (you can also buy through your links at Amazon) and have been using it for a couple of years now when we have friends stay who want coffee.

    We had a neighbor who lived even more primitive than us and she pressure canned a whole buffalo worth of meat. Now that's a lot of eatin'

    Idaho Homesteader

  3. You never really mentioned what to do about the tent? Would you suggest a cheap two sleeper from Kmart/Amazon Or just a big ole nice big piece of Oiled Canvas since you don't plan on trying to break camp in pit crew time.


    1. I'd suggest quality if others are coming and will need shelter. If it is a one time use, go cheap.