Monday, August 25, 2014

preppers: history and cultural phenomenon


Yes, minions, yet another book review.  Stop your caterwauling- it only happens a few times a year as we are but a small forbidden hidden sub-genre and nobody visits or reviews or cares and it is only by the good graces of divine entities that a book is thrown my way at all.  This one is, like the last review, from Prepper Press, a company I highly recommend not because their crap is invaluable or affordable but because if a book they offer is of interest to you, you can bet your last dollar that it is going to be of high quality.  Every time I go to Wally and get violated in an Obammy manner, I beseech all that is good and holy that the list of things I can buy there that are of even a middlin quality decreases every time.  It is nice and refreshing to conduct business with an owner that actually cares if you come back and you get your monies worth.  Okay, this one is by Lynda King, and while I won’t stop every one on the street and force them to buy this book under threat that I won’t stop bothering them, I will highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the background of the prepper movement.  This isn’t really a history as such, for instance giving all the famous characters ( Kurt wasn’t even mentioned ), but more of a long chain of events that created a desire to become a prepper.


In this, the author did a bang-up job.  She took all those irritating things we mumble about time to time and assembled them all.  This isn’t as boring as it sounds- I was impressed by the level of detail in each and every category of danger and possible threat.  And each one had items I’d never heard of or read up on, and I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard for thirty five years on all things survivalism.  She starts out with a few extreme weather events from the 1880’s and really hits her stride during the federal governments heavy handed un-Constitutional tyrannical actions in WWI and goes from there.  I will warn you that she pretty much embarrasses herself suckling at the rectum of FDR.  The whole book she does pretty well being evenly balanced and striving to take a neutral tone and avoiding paranoia- but it seems she went out of her way to make excuses for that crippled evil hump.  Not that anyone seems to care all that much, come to think of it so just you never mind.  The first quarter of the book was the times prior to the Seventies ( where most of us start our live experiences with the movement ) and the last quarter was the references and notes.  In between was the 70’s to today ( up to February 2014 ) and a section on the businesses that cater to preppers.  This is a detailed study, folks.  If you are in a hurry and just want the Readers Digest version, you are out of luck.  If you like your reference material heavy and long and satisfying like a several course varied heavy meal, as I do, this is a great book.  No, it isn’t a must-have.  It is background, filler information more suited to the genres nerds and geeks who demand Input!  More Input!  I’m not sure if newbies will necessarily be turned to the Dark Side by reading this- but then, I gave up trying to convert folks near ten years ago ( my writings are for the uneducated or unenlightened, but for the already converted- I larded up my first book with “the reasons to prep” but that was only because I needed filler and had no experience in that ) and just don’t much care any more if the whole kit and caboodle go up in greasy flames come the die-off, so you’ll need to make that call.

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