Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Spud Emergency Fund Update

Okay, I got Spud's real name and address.  Obviously I can't share it.  If you send me cash ( not recommended ) I'll turn that into a check.  If you send a check or money order, leave the name blank and I'll fill it in, OR, put it in my name and I'll send one of my own checks in its stead.  Include a note that its for Spud.
James M Dakin
181 West Bullion Road #12
Elko NV 89801-4184
If you'd prefer an easier way to pay, you can PayPal me and I'll send a check for that amount to Spud.  Just make sure to label that particular donation "For Spud" or "Spud Fund" or something similar.
I trust that this is genuine, and am making a donation myself.  But of course, there are few guarantees in life so all I can say is that I believe this myself.  If you agree, and can afford something, please help Spud out in his time of medically induced financial distress.  It won't make a life changing difference-there ain't enough readers here- but it will help with something for some period of time.  Pay it forward, minions.  If all you can afford is $5, I know Spud knows how to live cheap and that is going to still be helpful.


  1. Lord James,
    I will get a check to you for Spud. I am dealing with some unexpected expenses but we are family here. I;ll let you know when its in the mail.

    1. This is more for our benefit than Spuds, being a small bet on the Karmic wheel. Just do what you can and don't worry about it.

  2. Put a check in the mail today for the Spud fund.