Friday, August 22, 2014

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Save Money Eat Better

You don’t see too many athletes carbing up before an event with Twinkies.  One, until recently Twinkies were not available at any rational price because the company decided that paying workers was a suckers bet and declared bankruptcy after truckers wages started cutting into the second house in the Hamptons, cocaine and hookers fund of the CEO and when resurrected the new boss ( same as the old boss ) just froze all the deserts at a central location and freight shipped them, and two, eating sugar gives you empty calories ( the white foods-rice, flour, sugar ) which do nothing as fuel for your body.  You feel full, as does a Haitian peasant that eats a mud pie ( a regular business there, selling mud pies-literally, pies made from dried mud ) because having something in your belly gives you no energy but at least gives you less pain as far as hunger.  I have little doubt this was the very reasoning behind such gastronomic afterbirths of fake food the diet companies sold.  White foods aren’t bad for you, if combined with other more nutrient foods or in the case of sugar used in moderation.  But if you are hungry, you eat more than you should as your body desperately roots in your trough of slop for any stray nutrient.  At first, breaking old habits, it might be slightly difficult to substitute wholesome foods for junk food, but after your body gets a taste of it, the cravings will  be for the healthy food rather than the junk.  Don’t give up on junk food completely-that distracts you with unnecessary and unsuccessful matters of discipline.  Just be very stingy with it.


Not too long ago, poor folk chowed down on junk food because it was cheap.  After the Bush/Obammy ethanol fiasco which seems to be firmly entrenched and a miracle if we ever jettison, corn is now dear rather than cheap.  And now so is everything processed or sweetened.  It is now cheaper to eat healthy than ever before, if not cheaper than eating a processed food diet.  Okay, you can’t eat this huge fruit and veggie diet- with the California drought an ongoing feature, as well as that states skewed priorities in other areas, the days of cheap and abundant produce are over.  Now, due to cost, produce is back to being a vitamin pill rather than a White House Approved diet.  And I’m not advocating a no fat diet.  Butter and eggs are just a tasty compact source of fuel for me.  I give them no thought as far as clogging my arteries ( I don’t think it beyond question to assume the folks in charge want us to give up high quality protein as a resource allotment scheme and so have demonized them ).  I’m saying, as much unprocessed foods as possible.  You’ve already saved a metric butt ton of money on not having a car.  Eating healthy, if it cost much more at all, will still save you money as your health improves ( car accidents notwithstanding ).


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  1. I can attest that after eating daily salads for a couple of months, skipping veggies for more than a day causes significant cravings for them in the whole family. Fortunately we can handle sprouts - even wheat sprouts, as a fill in for the store bought veggies, in fact the family considers the sprouts a treat!

    I still get occasional cravings for chocolate, but much less than prior to the daily salads, and less chocolate is needed to satisfy the chocolate craving.

    Sugary snacks seem far too sweet most of the time too, helping enforce the moderation.

  2. Article showing the fight for and about Oil is starting to pick up significant steam. Will we wreck their oil production capacity just to spite them (or until we can retake the fields?)

    1. Not sure if I want to even read it if it is Fox.

    2. Not sure why we would need to be "sold" on sending troops. They are already there- you just say it is reinforcements. Or, shuffle around units from Afghanistan to Iraq or whatever.