Friday, August 1, 2014

Spud emergency fund

I'd like to start a Bison Minion Relief Fund for reader Spud hit in an accident.   I'm in for $50. Anyone else like to help? I trust Spud is who he's always claimed to be, and this is a genuine emergency. Come Tuesday ( when I get back ), let's see what everyone says. Yes, I know he isn't asking anyone for anything. I'm offering. If anyone else can help, maybe we can make a slight difference.   Leave comments or e-mail me


  1. My thoughts are with Spud. He has been around these parts for a while now, and he always had interesting things to say. I'm down to help a fellow white-trash-irregular. Can we paypal you the loot, Lord Bison?

  2. I am humbled beyond words James.
    May your hair grow in golden locks of kindness....

    Thank you,
    Rob and Kathy
    Aka...Spud and The Dragon Lady

    1. I'm a wonderful guy. Now, how do we get you the funds?

    2. Sent particulars to your email address James.
      Bare in mind that in my world, I don't forget.
      What goes round comes round, or most certainly should !
      Beyond that I'm without words and this whole experience is a quite humbling experience.
      I am into week three and the staples are due to come out of my pelvis in the next few days. Will know soon the long term effects and how long till I can begin to learn how walk again...
      They removed a whole pile of dead tissue out of my lower calf today,twas indeed no freaking fun !

      Thank the gods for the V A !!!
      Thank you all for the support.

    3. This is just a "pay it forward" kind of thing. We've all been helped, and it would be rude not to help others in return. I'll alert the minions after I get to the e-mail. I've never been particularly impressed with military medical care, but at least they are a resource available. Tis indeed Better Than Nothing. Hang in there.

  3. Count me in. You Paypal account LB?

    Hang in there Spud!!!


  4. Well, you can count me in for $10.00 James. Maybe more at a later date? Can it be through your paypal link?