Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Stupid Modern Diets

One size does not fit all.  Some folks naturally crave a lot more meat, some are more prone to veggies, and all stations in between.  This diet isn’t about what foods to eat.  Yes, use common sense.  You want whole grains when possible rather than refined flour.  White flour and white rice won’t kill you-look at how skinny all those Orientals that eat nothing but white rice are.  It is best to eat more whole grains than processed, but just because you consume a “white” food don’t assume it is going to kill you.  The trick is what else you eat with it.  You want to eat more whole unprocessed foods than you do junk food, but dessert is not going to kill you if it is a supplement rather than a replacement.  The key to a lifelong diet that is healthy and keeps the weight off is exercise, not diet.  Diet fads come and go because they promise results without effort.  If that is what you want, you’ve just wasted the purchase price of this booklet.  The thing is, you put just as much effort into disciplining yourself to stick with any one diet as you would do with just getting off your fat dimpled cellulite ridden ass and move.  But more on that in its own section.  For now, let me tell you why most diets are beyond retarded.  In short, you are starving your body and it gains weight in desperation.


Satan’s Disciple Evil Wife #2 was a chunky gal.  The chunk was all in the correct places so I had no complaints.  But she felt she had to diet.  The bitch was probably trying to look better for a superior breadwinner, but I won’t get started on that.  The point is, she tried every diet known to man at the time.  She spent a small fortune buying the “food”, and I use the term as loosely as a Haitian looking through the cardboard recycler for some fiber filler, try it, and would then waste the rest and move on to the next diet program.  So, I tried to eat on them as I hate wasting money.  Without exception, they were all rancid pig testicles dried, minced, mixed with soy filler, and pressed into food-like shapes.  And they were so over processed that I’m sure their nutrient value matched their yumminess.  They were good for one thing, and that was making their snake oil hucksters a handsome profit.  With friends like those, you didn’t need enemies like cheesecake.  All the other diet programs that don’t make you buy their processed slop have an equally problematic grasp on reality.  They starve the body of what it needs and hence craves ( bitches be listening to their bodies when pregnant, knowing the body is telling them what the fetus needs, yet ignore the craving when it’s time to turn their body into a mate seeking machine in order to get pregnant ).  And they defy Mother Nature. 

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