Friday, August 8, 2014

spud update

So far, the total is $230.  An excellent start.  Please consider this.  I know a few of my regular donors like to send a yearly tithe around Christmas time.  I love this, but I'd like it if this year perhaps if you were thinking about continuing this you could instead donate it to the Spud Fund.  I love you all, your continued readership and the fact that back when I was really poor you supported me ( and that was when my writing wasn't all that great ).  That money was invaluable when I was so poor.  For now, I am sitting pretty financially.  I still want my Amazon commission gift certificate which buys my books, that helps motivate me in writing.  But I can go without direct cash donations if you'd like to direct them at a greater and better cause.  Again, you can donate low.  $5 is fine.  It all adds up.  And only donate if you can afford it.  I'm sure Spud would agree that nobody should dip into prep funds.  But you might want to take advantage of this because it isn't often I'm nice or caring.  Here is the link for the last update for "shipping" info:


  1. neilm That $1300 lot in Elko is in Meadow Valley Ranches #5.

    See my write-up on MVR#5 here

    Warning though. Part of either #4 or #5 is inaccessible without 4x4.
    If you really, REALLY want to buy land near Elko, wait till the tax roll sales in April, 2015.

    I'll mail ya a check next Friday for Spud, Jim. Your boss still a Disney geek? You wanna suck up to said boss? If so, I'll throw together a care package.


    1. I would be as a god with any Rabid Mouse bait, thanks.