Wednesday, August 6, 2014

prepper & shooter mag review


There’s a new survivalist print magazine in town by the name of “Prepper And Shooter Magazine” ( www.prepperand ).  Of course, it IS like every other survivalist mag out there over the last forty years- manly macho poses of studly suburbanites with extremely pricey battle rifles and always written for the beginner so as not to scare away any newbies ( here, if you are new to the genre and stumble on to a complicated advanced topic and are scared away, refusing to read a few back-posts, sorry.  Every swinging cheese dingus out there covers the newbie basics.  I try to be different because I’m better and everyone else sucks.  I don’t make the rules, so don’t blame the messenger ).  That should be a given.  But in that context, I was actually not offended or pissed at the price tag.  This is actually a great little effort.  Okay, you open it up and the first two pages instill little confidence.  One ad wants $380 for a Katadyn water filter and the next page is an ad for a $1500 solar generator kit ( you can get a panel, inverter and battery pack at less than half that price ) which claims itself the first innovation in solar power in 50 years- I crap you not.  But from there things aren’t too bad.  This is issue #2 ( it’s quarterly ) and they carry few ads, comparatively speaking.


Jeff Knox has a gun rights article.  It notes welfare payments, differentiating earned from unearned.  A black kid on welfare is implied to be a parasite, but not a fat white senior playing golf in Florida and getting a five fold increase on his retirement taxes ( even though the tax is never invested-so how is the increase paid for out of taxpayer pockets “earned”? ).  Power grid down is an article covering it all, from old infrastructure to cyber-attacks and EMP.  Comprehensive, but basic.  Secret garden of survival was a great plug for a book I’d never heard of ( get ready for “TM” tags on every other word ).  The hand to hand article, the knife sheath survival kit, the Emergency Management Agency Is Your Friend And Just Wants To Help, ambush basics, shortwave radio- all decent if not overly impressive filler.  The PTR 91 rifle was reviewed and constituted the first of many to come main survivalist rifle reviews.  Tellingly, the reviews do NOT cover field reliability ( known to you and me as Jam/Not Jam When Dirty ).  I imagine this is due to the whole range of M16 system weapons in the $2k-$4k price range that would look like a stupid investment if you knew they would freeze up around dirt and kill you.  The PTR 91 was of course larded up with laser scopes and range scopes and flashlights and barrel pistol grips to give it a close range squad weapon look.  Survivor Jane was interviewed.  Her new book on improvised cosmetics should appease all prepper wives.  The article on the M1 Carbine as a survival weapon was embarrassing.  If you want a bayonet, get another war surplus rifle.  Almost any of them would be an improvement. 


The emergency alert article, dutch oven cooking, pocket single shot pistol review, herbal oil, emergency vehicle kit- more harmless filler.  The bicycle bug out article was embarrassing.  Just a way to carry more kitchen sinks and useless electronics.  But, it was at least honest as the author fessed up to his shortcomings.  The last few pages were ads and they were just as bad as the first few pages.  These companies are trolling for the very lowest denominator.  All in all, I would say if you do get this, the money won’t be wasted if you pass it on to a prospective prepper to get double mileage out of it.  Certainly better than American Survival Guide on its best issue. 

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  1. Think I'll stick to Backwoodsman. Not a "survival" mag but the only thing that seems to appeal to me these days; even when Charlie lets Jr take a hand in it.