Friday, August 29, 2014

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Riding a bike every day to work and to shopping is not a return to your idyllic childhood carefree romp around a cul-d-sac in the suburbs where pedaling to school was an adventure.  Back in the day, there was a little bit of respect for pedestrians.  Some, anyway.  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot anymore.  Far less than there used to be and that bar wasn’t set too high.  Now, I understand that societies in decline all through the ages lose civility as resources shrink and the fight intensifies for resources and so from that standpoint alone you will see a lot more drawing inward and a lot less civic virtue or even awareness.  It can’t be any other way.  As a species, we go to incredible lengths to justify to ourselves bad behavior towards others.  If you are fixing to steal or cheat from others, you convince yourself they are bad and give yourself an excuse to do so.  It is asinine to expect any other kind of results ( and no, you flaming moron schooled at the Rush/Beck Institute Of Delusional Thinking, better leadership will not change anything because you can’t tap your toes together three times and wish more goodies into existence ).  Sad but true, cars will not necessarily TRY to run you over on your bike, but their apathy, inattention and straight up hate towards any who do not share their insane vehicle payments and fear of filling up at the pump will be viewed as subhuman and will be shown zero respect or regard.


You must always drive defensively and never assume good behavior from a car.  Do not assume they will obey any bike safety laws.  Always assume they will lose control in bad weather.  Always assume you will die a horrible and gruesome death, gasping painfully for an eternity as your life force is soaked up by the pavement, and hug your loved ones goodbye every time and enjoy every day on this earth you stay alive and are healthy ( also, hope your spouse will be as quick witted and fast acting as the Texas man who got away with killing the foul humper who killed his two sons while drunk driving.  Driving a car is just as dangerous as not, as is being a pedestrian.  When your dice roll happens… ).  As to gear, it is all cheap and affordable and anymore quite effective.  Gone are the days of yesteryear when all you had was a sad little pathetic generator grinding away at your tire to power a feeble bulb in a headlight.  Now we have flashing red LED’s, the new flashing LED’s that lay a strip of laser looking light down on both sides of the pavement, very bright white LED lamps, LED headlamps and very fluorescent yellow vests with reflector strips.  Get all of them,  and wear them every time.  Assume the worse, prepare for it, then relax already.

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  1. I resemble your thoughts and absolutely concur !
    Tread carefully and wear safety gear !
    I'd not be alive were it not for my helmet.