Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 months escape/prep 10


( Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead )


Living Free And Sleeping Soundly

Your mileage may of course vary, but what we have here in general terms is giving up a location you enjoy ( climate wise anyway-perhaps not so much population/culture wise ) and moving to one that kind of sucks, in exchange for living free and sleeping soundly at night.  I enjoy living in the high desert ( it ain’t like the Sahara which is low desert, with 120 degrees.  It is like Mongolia with below freezing winds ), but I think I’m an anomaly.  Yet that is where most of the cheap land is.  You might get a cheap city lot in the Rust Belt for the same price, but you will be living in a denuded war zone.  You can pick east Texas for under two grand a lot, but it is Texas, and it is full of dissatisfied minorities and has no jobs.  There is no great place with junk land.  You have to be willing to pay a non-monetary price to set yourself free on a budget.  Personally, I think you all can have your wonderful weather and good jobs.  I’ll take my freedom.  It is worth pedaling to a minimum wage job in minus fifteen degrees.  Okay, I can’t grow any of my own food.  That sucks.   So does living in fear of being evicted from a piece of land where you can farm.


For two thousand dollars, you are forever divorced from rent and a mortgage.  Perhaps you spend a bit more or a bit less.  I spent more, but it came with good employment and a river a mile away.  For another grand you have built your own shelter.  It is primitive, but it is cash up front and you can add on as money comes in.  It ain’t a debt.  That is the important thing.  For a family of three, you end up spending three grand on storage food.  It seems like a lot, but you can do it $50 at a time and in the end, knowing your family can survive five years cut off from civilization is priceless.  It is also one fifth the cost of a crappy car that will eventually rust away, and less than five years the cost of cable TV ( get a roof antenna ).  Every month you have one cell phone, you could be buying wheat for a month for three people.  It is peace of mind.  You can’t lose your place you are living on and you can’t starve to death.  And a mere grand to arm the family?  Come on!  For half the cost of a single battle rifle with mags ( but no ammo ), both adults have long guns AND nearly a thousand rounds of ammo each.  This is to protect what you now have.  Seven to nine grand, and you can relax about most crap that is coming barreling down at us.  A lot of scratch, but not with two people sacrificing for a mere half a year.  Instead of both of you giving up TV and spending your evenings learning martial arts or tactical carbine shooting as you are living in a McMansion with SUV‘s, vague dreams of retreating in your minds, you both dedicate yourselves to a one time hard task, a difficult but extremely rewarding endeavor, that frees you from the suburbs forever, frees you from slaving away for a car you don’t really want except to keep you in serfdom, frees you from sleepless nights as the dangerous ghettos close in on your poorly constructed overpriced sheetrock mansion and you have nightmares of losing the jobs that keep you sheltered.  So much, for so little, for a one time sacrifice.  Think about it.

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  1. I think living in the high desert is like living on the moon. You have to take all your consumables with you. I don't have the food storage you do. However, I've practiced living off the land, and gained weight doing it. Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm not a desert person. Food storage is to even out the food supply. Sometimes it's feast and sometimes it's famine. The big thing for me is that I've got good natural sources of fresh water.

    The desert is a good strategy, just not for me. Good thing, you've got enough crazy neighbors as it is.

    It is surprising how few people give this any thought, yet hate their jobs and their lives. Not only have you shown a way to get off the hampster wheel, you've done it yourself.

    1. High Desert Survival Living isn't all that tough come the Die-Off. The hard part is afterwards. So, I've just flipped the comeuppance time frame. It ain't any better, just different.

  2. What's wrong with martial arts. Our whole family goes to martial arts 2x a week. It's a great family activity and we're keeping fit in the process. Plus, it's a lot of fun

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. I make fun because it is one of the fifty-three must do Yuppie skills needed to become a Super Semi Warrior