Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Exercise Not Diet

Exercise blows.  Hell, I was twenty years old and it sucked to exercise.   I could jog an hour and get those good brain chemicals flowing and as soon as I had an excuse I’d go back to suckling a beer and smoking a pack of cigarettes.  Which don’t exactly release endorphins.  Of course, now that I’m fifty I don’t have those bad habits anymore.  If I did I probably wouldn’t be writing this ( poor personal habits being contagious, I’d never force myself to sit in front of a computer and tap away with one finger at a mad rate-not to mention I might be either dead of lung cancer or liver failure or bankrupt and living under a bridge without electricity due to the insane cost of tobacco because of that anal whore for the Yankee’s, Clinton ).  But now I exercise like a bastard.  Yes, my job is a lot of heavy lifting.  As if I needed yet another way of displaying my perfection and magnanimousness, I tote crap about all day long at the Food Bank for the ravenous poor.  My muscle tone is better now than when I was in the military.  But the bike riding is what keeps me in such good shape.  Cardio speaking, anyway.  I don’t know what burns more calories.  Biking is fifty calories a mile ( personally I think that is higher as I have a single speed which requires more effort, but we’ll go with the standard here ) and I have no idea what lifting weight does.  I can’t guess, because the lifting is in spurts of activity, not constant.  I also walk about all day long.


In short, I have zero scientific data to back up my claim that riding a bike will solve ALL your weight loss goals.  I could be burning three times the calories from just a bike rider alone.  I can tell you however, that exercise in my case IS much better than a diet.  My body regulates itself.  I’m told when to eat more, or far less fat, when to eat more starch, etc.  I can eat as many calories from desert as from dinner and I’m not gaining weight.  I know my heart is in decent shape, and I know I’m eating well because I don’t crave junk food other than as treats ( in other words, I prefer wholesome unprocessed foods and the junk food is a treat rather than a filler ).  If, on the other hand, I was NOT exercising and just limiting my calories, I know that my body would be in panic mode and it would play havoc with my cravings and I would want lots of junk food because it is simple sugars more easily processed for calories.  That is just common sense as far as I’m concerned, and you can take that as gospel or not.  I am NOT a weight lose professional.  And I think that is a good thing since I go by actually trial and error and experience and not some drivel dished out at University which might be full of crap ( like the medical establishment and its clearly erroneous stand on approved cancer treatments ) or not. 


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  1. Hey Jim,
    Halleluiah ! I am at home writing this from my desk top...
    They gave me a four hour pass from the hospital to come home. Amazing how much this helps the mind to get out of that place, if even for a short period.
    It will be some time until I can try putting any weight on my left leg though.
    I've been working like a dog in theropy and the theropist states that I'm her best in upper body strength and balance. Therefore she cleared me for a break away from the madhouse....

    Once again I want to thak those which have helped me out, especially you Sir James. For this you will hold a place in my heart as a truley righteous dude !

    For sure fitness is a subject which we all as preppers should concentrate on.
    It will do you no good to have stockpiles of preps if you are fat and out of shape when the times are tough. Especially if you become injured as I have. Being in shape before the fact has certainly helped speed up my healing process.
    Next week I'll know much more as to the long term effect my surgery had on the pelvis and leg. Then I'll know more if ever I'll be able to walk normal again.

    Keep up the good work James !
    Your loyal minion,

    1. Well, I only did $50. I'll take credit for just loving too much :) Seriously though, another check in the mail ( for everyone else's info- total now $500 even ). And please get at least half assed better so you can at least wobble away from future ghetto dweller rioters.

    2. Roger that ! I will try my damnedest.

      Yes your contribution was $50, but you were the one which started the ball rolling.
      A huge thank you to the other folks out there, it means much.....

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    1. Not a bad investment, even for one that can go up in smoke ( good Christ on a skateboard, I'm feeling witty today ). Netflix ain't a bad deal to pay for, considering what you get. Better than cable.

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  4. Biking daily has definitely helped my health, but is not enough when I live so close (everything in town is close) I am hoping that once I start biking to and from the land (once fenced and lockable storage is on it) it will help more. But I can say with some confidence that the weightlifting (boxes packages totes furniture) involved in moving helps my health even more- if it weren't for the lack of sleep involved with moving (and the long driving) I would recommend it as an exercise regimen. But the lack of sleep leads the body to crave caffeine and sugar and the long drives promotes fat development.
    SO - I recommend everyone get their junk land close enough to employment to bike to while they develop it, and use muscle power for as much of the development as possible.
    I am going this week to use shovel and tractor to make and clear ditches.

    1. I think this diet isn't workable if there isn't SOME distance to home. Course, even in a small town if you go crazy biking everywhere and don't own a car it might be close to feasible.

  5. Eh, a quarter mile just isn't enough for a real work out, not even doing it 4 times a day (to work, home for lunch, back to work, back home at end of day) while carrying 10lbs of backpack (work supplies). And yes we (as a family) bike or walk EVERYWHERE in town- only if we are getting more than 5 bags of groceries or the equivalent do we even consider taking a motor vehicle - and those sort of shopping trips are usually once a quarter (at most) all day trips going 200+ miles one way anyways. Living _very_ rural has downsides for health especially if your profession is very sedentary.

    1. You are kinda crapping on my parade here, having once again come up with a pure brilliant idea and trying to celebrate that fact. :)