Sunday, July 13, 2014

survival divorce 8 part 2


Now, again, I must pander to the few female Loyal Minions I have.  First, they seem like really swell gals and put up with my crap and pretend to like me which is more than most wives do.  And second, without the regular gentler gender to keep me from acting more like a caveman my writing wouldn’t be so good even though it’s hard to believe because as soon as you’ve read like two weeks’ worth of my drivel you raise your arms heavenward and praise Baby Jesus and implore him to let me keep living so you can continue to bask in my glory AND do so for free since my stupid ass is blogging this at no charge other than a vague shame inducing scolding to buy crap through my Amazon link for a commission.  I understand males are just as lazy and worthless as females.  Females are more of nesters, and they are far better at civilizing their surroundings.  BUT this also makes them more prone to the negative side of doing so which is possessions of unreasonable cost and an inflated luxury level being misconstrued as necessities.  When you dump the last female to live at this level, and before you get with the next one who will have the same outlook if a bit subdued, you can live like a peasant and put all your money towards preps.  Just expect that the next gal, even a prepper gal, will probably still insist that some of that budget go towards a better living arrangement.  Such as expanding the travel trailer into real rooms, paying for real haircuts instead of letting your crack smoking skank cousin hack at your mop, and eating whole wheat bread only one meal a day instead of three.


Until then, feel free to prep.  Let’s take the average wage of $2k a month for a down on his luck divorcee.  $400 to taxes, $600 to the ex.  You can rent a trailer spot for $400, eat on $200 and spend $100 on various other expenses ( declare bankruptcy for the credit cards and repo everything else so you have no other bills, including your car-get a friggin bike- and yes, I understand it might not be that easy, but I think the average wage is also higher so it should even out ).  That leaves $300 a month for prepping.  Personally, myself, I would prioritize as follows.  $100 a month paying for junk land so you eventually go down to nothing but food and fuel by eliminating rent.  $100 for buckets of wheat or water filters or grain grinders.  Assorted food items like that.  And $100 towards ammo and other weapons ( most pawn shops will do firearm layaways so you can get started arming yourself quickly ).  At times, this was far more than I ever had for prepping.  But as I said, you should be in a hurry because the only words that ever fell from Bush Juniors lips that were true, in the immortal phrase “this suckers going down” [ speaking of the economy ], have never been truer than now. 


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  1. Picked momma up a .357 Security Six today for $325. Made the old girl real happy ! Now she's got her own cowboy revolver heh. Shit, now she's got more hand guns than me ! Dat sucks, guess I'll have to even out that score eh...
    No problemo with my wife and prepping or guns !
    Harvested some more pineapples today, she's busy dehydrating them now.

    1. Wouldn't you want her to have the better models? She'll encourage more purchases to bask in her superiority.

    2. Actually I've got the better stuff, and she's cool with it !
      She don't even care if I get more heh
      WHAT A WOMAN !!
      You should be so fortunate Jimbo....
      I know that I am.

    3. For my art, I must suffer. Be grateful you humps.

  2. Yup, us prepper gals still want a few nice things while living in the boonies -- tablecloths, nice plates, clean sheets, quilts, a few flowers in the garden, etc.

    Men, if you were smart, should encourage these things. Most of the homesteading cute, crafty hobbies have a use on the survival side.

    Quilting = teaches us about sewing

    Flowers = gives us gardening skills

    Nice plates and tablecloths = nice home cooked meals and learning to cook from scratch

    Clean sheets and bedding = XXX

    So let us crochet those doilies and embroider those pillowcases. It gives us the skill to make bandages and be good at suturing.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Plus, it makes them happy for very little cost/effort on the guys part. He is kind of stupid not to encourage it.

    2. And heck, should she get good enough there could be a little extra income to offset the cost! Usually though those levels of skills take decades and/or talent, but still better chance than lotto or an honest politician.