Friday, July 25, 2014

survival divorce 10


You’re at a new place in life.  Living a lot lower down the food chain, but living at peace with yourself- no more pointless chasing of empty dreams, of swimming atop a vast pile of gold coins in McScrooge Duck style.  You don’t have the finest things in life but most likely you sleep better at night knowing there is less left to be looted by the ocean of greedy lazy whores out there, and you certainly don’t miss the ex-bitch chewing on your ear to provide ever more for her insatiable desires that are evenly matched with her ever widening cellulite dimpled ass.  Life is good, if a bit different.  And now it is time to go chasing after another piece of tail because, while we act all macho and crude and rude and just tell each other we want to Get Some, most folks simply want to have someone around to share their otherwise sad and pathetic life with.  We are programmed to seek mates, and we are more rounded and happier when we do so ( not to mention the people around you are then happier too ).  You just can’t find the same one you did before.  Gals, your job is pretty simple.  You obviously want a guy that doesn’t drink too much, watches a moderate amount of football only and has enough gumption to make something out of his life.  But other than criteria, your job of snaring your catch is not difficult.  I won’t devolve into gruesome details.  Guys, your job sucks.  All the gals out there are going to play hard to get.  Modern women cherry pick Women’s Lib to their advantage.


You must acknowledge them as independent, capable of taking care of themselves, never treat them as sex objects ( but always strive to satisfy them after they snap their fingers ), yet fulfill ALL traditional Old School requirements before they will even consider you.  So, there is the whole Provide aspect.  Which usually means provide your paycheck for them to spend along with theirs.  But, since you are trading up, that is only a selecting criteria.  You’ll keep your cut later, but for now it is a peacock feather.  Debt doesn’t matter, it is the size of the wallet.  So, I’d expect zero advantage from being totally out of debt but working lower wages.  It is potential that is being judged.  Ability.  Of course, don’t discount status.  That can eliminate the money factor to a degree.  Starving artists are okay because you are demonstrating a higher mental condition which is a desirable attribute.  The catch is, you really have to be very creative, really good.  When going with your trade, status in your hierarchy is a better indicator than money is, within reason.  And of course there is always the Bad Boy thing.  It is okay to be almost non-wage, living in a cabin in the woods, if you are a Billy Bad Ass.  Some gals are attracted to that.  But notice the common thread.  In whatever station of live, you must be better than the others in some way.  Gals are looking for status position in a tribe.  You must earn more money, or be more talented, or be able to protect her against all others.  It ain’t rocket science, guys.  Now, go enjoy the start of your better life.


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  1. Jim, if you won't cohabit on a trial basis--or even if you do--consider a prenup agreement. Perhaps one thst says everything you brought to the table remains yours, and assets acquired during the marriage are divided in an equitable manner. Perhaps a Harry Browne process.

    1. Good point James. The reason that you've survived so well through all of those marriages (Minus the child support of course) is that you didn't have anything that any woman would want to fight you for in court. This was really to your advantage as a result. Now if you had yourself snipped way back before the first kid, you would have really came out of it with no penalty at all. No reason to marry any more in this brave new feminist world.

      The feminists were kind enough to liberate men (You heard right) from this wretched institution, and we no longer have to take any woman so seriously as to have to do so. We should be thanking them!

    2. Actually, I think I'm one of those guys that enjoys being put on a leash. Not because I need to be told what to do so much as to save me from myself and all my bad ideas. I think the institution shouldn't have died. BUT! That is a very astute observation and I'm impressed.

  2. Never in my life I got a good looking women.
    I just don't have that beautiful and shinny hair you do.
    I tried a jar of Vaseline a day and still my hair don't shine like yours.
    What's your secret?
    I don't have black hair and brown eyes like you, my hair is blonde and blue eyes. Is that your secret?
    I make pretty good wages and own my house free & clear and my rental are also free & clear. What is it?
    Some times I shower twice a day, I have no worries about water. (Something you lack) . Is that it? I don't have a 747 wide bottom and put it on a bicycle but I drive some of the time my Harley Davison.

    Com' on. Tell us your secret.


    1. Silly Rabbit, the secret is NO oil, sunlight off the tanned skin under the hair.

  3. Good series. I like it.

    This last chapter is spot on

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Thank you! A female critic I know won't sugarcoat things is invaluable. Course, I know you are very polite and probably hold back a lot, too. :)