Saturday, July 26, 2014

greatness ahead


Note: Most wonderful Gottdamn Yankee Minion, your generous donation, as promised and proclaimed, has arrived!  Thanks and adulations!


Well, I simply cannot believe the things that people say ( or in our case, as we are pretending to have a conversation in the modern equivalent of having a club meeting, write-which if you think about it was the natural evolution seeing as how between our cars and our cubicles we don’t expose ourselves to the big and dangerous world much.  Hell, why do you think drive-tru meals are so popular?  Convenience?  Hommie doesn’t think so.  You pick up a Big Beef Flavored Wood Chip Sandwich from your car and you’ve just saved yourself interaction with gross people in the supermarket, PLUS any dark hued minorities who might accost and rob you AND in a certain poetic justice those dark hued thugs have a cousin who is the one serving you your food behind said window so you get to congratulate yourself on being smart enough to be a car owner who never has to get too far away from its safe metal cocoon.   Which I guess is why car-jacking is such a frightful prospect, shattering ones illusions and what not.  Hey, how does moving out to the boonies sound about now? ).  Eluding to the fact that I’m not just a little slice of perfection.  And not even praising my hair!  Minions like that endanger the commenting privileges of all.  Way to go.  To once again prove how wonderful and just I am, I’d like to whet your appetite with my coming attractions.  I know, I know, you are already giddy enough at the simple prospect of just paying $50 a month for low to middlin speed Internet access so you can spend a whole five minutes twice every weekday tuning in to be pleasantly surprised at my new antics and endeavors as it is.  To get you all hot and bothered about something even more exciting than usual is just too much!!  I’m here to serve- tell all your friends.


I was going to publish new booklets once I got three 5,000 word mini-booklets completed.  It didn’t seem fair to charge $3 for anything less ( when I tried knocking down the price of all Kindle books to a $1, it actually seemed that sales declined to an even more horrid number.  I hate admitting we are such gullible and easily manipulated consumers, but I now bow to the previously given advice to price high ).  I still don’t want to rip anyone off, so I’m staying with that minimum.  But I’m most likely going to go with a new series of $1 Kindles- said 5k word booklets.  So, once I get some time I’ll have the bug out book and the survival divorce book available.  But this isn’t the exciting news.  I’d like to share with my special minions the upcoming attractions.  And I don’t want to hear anything other than delight and wonderment.  You get to read them here first and then don’t have to buy the book ( no one is absolved from buying through the Amazon links, however ).  I’m Honest Injun going to start on the Bike Diet this time.  I was waiting a bit because I covered the bike topics in the bug out book.  The article I just did on Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead will become a book.  And, very exciting to me, I’ve finally prepped sufficiently to attempt one on the subject of Weapons Devolution ( macro perspective on how the weapons society has available moves backwards technologically ).  That one will be closer to 10k words rather than 5k.  And there you have it.  How exciting!  Tipples tingling.

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  1. Sounds great. Always good to have something to look forward to. How about a revised homesteading book?

    - Z

    1. Well, I did do a second edition, to reflect changes from when I planned to when I actually experianced off grid living. Mostly, the only radical change was I didn't need to haul as much water as planned. And the new LED RV bulbs. I don't know if a 3rd edition is really warrented.