Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6 months escape/prep 2


( Six Months To Escaping The Rat Race And Preparing For The Apocalypse Cash On The Barrelhead )


Your Budget

Okay, your life sucks.  I get that.  But if I could live and buy land and prep on minimum wage while paying child support, if a coworker, a single mom-and she had so many kids I never got an accurate count, could pay off land AND an RV and a four by truck to get through mud to her off grid land while on minimum wage, if a buddy can sleep in his truck cab ( yes, the rural myth of everyone owning a truck is largely true ) through the week as he does odd and sparsely spaced jobs, waiting for his Social Security to start so he can settle down, I don’t see how this thing is as impossible as you imagine.  I understand we all can’t quit our city slicker jobs and declare bankruptcy and drop ALL bills and obligations.  A LOT of you suckers have non-dischargeable student loans.  Not your fault- the “go to college to better your career prospects” paradigm had worked for a few generations ( and we imagined it could have worked more except everyone was working in factories before then ).  I detest debt of any kind ( through some hard knocks, not some ideological pure notions ), I hated school when it was compulsory and had no interest in getting more of it, most military jobs don’t translate into civilian ones because every swinging dingus out there thinks class training beats experience, I’m paranoid as hell, AND despite all that I didn’t see the current mess coming as far as the college debt crisis with school hyper-inflation (  I didn’t see medical hyper-inflation coming either ) and the sudden dramatic drying up of jobs.  That is one of the problems with seeing the forest only and rarely bothering with the trees ( being a specialist is worse than being a generalist, however- you pound every square peg into your one round hole ).  My point is, if I didn’t see it coming, I’m sure most didn’t either.


Okay, you can’t discharge college debt, the ex-wife is killing you financially out of vengeance ( she is working after you sent her to school- lucky bitch found a job out of college ) rather than necessity, and you might have other problems like living in a state that DOESN’T allow you to walk away from a home that is underwater.  On that last one, I’m sure I wouldn’t know what to do.  I know there are now lawyer firms specializing in getting you out of that trap specifically.  That might take all of your savings, retirement, assets you liquidate AND the note on your first born child.  But it is worth it.  The economic collapse is NOT getting better but worse.  Just the national deficit ALONE-forget all other problems- will ensure that we never recover from the 2008 meltdown.  But even if that wasn’t the case, keep in mind that all the financial players that almost went bankrupt themselves have stayed alive and profited tremendously not really because the government bailed them out ( although of course they did ) but more so because they took the derivatives that started the mess and doubled down on those bets.  The fundamentals- before, assets were leveraged an insane 30 to 1 ( meaning three percent failure rates bankrupted the whole company ), are WORSE as banks have been allowed to fictionalize new assets into existence.  The next hiccup financially will see the global derivatives market implode.  And your STILL overvalued ( even underwater, it is still overvalued ) home won’t be worth spit.  Now, add in the fact that without a job, and soon without a functioning grid, how much is that piece of crap worth? Really.

( Budget continued next time )

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  1. Come on what next?
    Please tell me I am right.

    - Default (at least at first) on the debts including the student loans, to get the grubstake and start of the homestead done (access to it, fence it if necessary, figure out your waste disposal, water source, power and heat sources).
    - Then move on to junk land homestead (free of any liens mortgages etc.)
    - Liquidate as many of your non-used non-prepper assets as you can toward preps,
    - 'Rehabilitate' your student loans if you can, and bankrupt all the other debts.

    Finally, in 7 years you will be in a far better situation EVEN IF no collapse ever happens.

  2. I'd go bankrupt before gaining assets/land/preps unless in a friendly-bankruptcy state.

    For example Nevada only allows ONE gun to be protected in bankruptcy. Florida is better. :)