Wednesday, June 25, 2014

why not stewpot?


Oh, sure, it’s all fun and games and unicorn glitter when there’s fun stuff to do like make goats cheese and eat amazingly fresh veggies ( I’m not against vegetables themselves as I am against nasty old or cooked ones ) right out of the garden and go picking blackberries in the woods and shoot bowling pins for target practice.  It’s quite a different story when you are cold and hungry and all there is to eat is wheat berries and even for that slop the howling mob of famine victims outside your gates would gladly beat your head in with a rock and there is an outbreak of some weird disease from folks wiping their ass in the river for lack of toilet paper and the two rival former drug dealers are cooperating and gathering up more press gangs to build fortifications and you could resist them with the last box of cartridges you own but the last fool that did that had an army surround his place and they just waited him out, lobbing rocks by trebuchet to batter down his rain gutters and his greenhouse.  In short, far from being the happy place fantasyland envisioned as you were reading up on Yuppie Survivalist Websites, post-apocalypse reality really friggin sucks.  Do you honest injun really want to survive a real life collapse ( as opposed to the intellectual exercise it is now )?


I’ve talked before about how Yuppie Survivalists with all the high cost high maintenance high tech crap and no long term serious food storage are really just planning “suicide by apocalypse”.  They have that huge arsenal so they can go out in a cool fiery death, living the Industrial Age Oil Era lifestyle until the very last second of their pathetic lives.  If living beyond middle class luxury is indeed a fate worse than death, an obvious assumption for 99% of the population to include all the recent arrivals from Third World crapholes because no one is willingly caught dead with any other kind of living arrangement, then dying during the collapse seems reasonable.  Why do the rest of us want to live afterwards?  I can’t speak for others, and I won’t dwell on all the philosophical aspects or the primal drives we have and just assume all of us actually can and will make a live or die decision now by our actions ( choosing to prep for only short term and assuming the oil reserves fill back up faster than fracking can deplete them and thinking the federal government can legislate resources back into existence and all those other fantasies might seem like survivalism but they are just another way of dying if things get TOO uncomfortable ).  I will say that for myself, while I might not be over eager to see too great of a fall in my living arrangements, will nonetheless greet the collapse with open arms and enjoy it to the best of my ability.  I want, I NEED, to extract vengeance upon the greater part of humanity.  I hate most people for a very good reason.  I won’t get into that now- we are almost out of time.  Suffice it to say I’m looking forward to surviving, if possible, so I can close out my life in a satisfying orgy of smiting.  To me, a collapse is not to be feared.  I’ll be making very good use of an otherwise bad situation.  Making lemons out of lemonade.  If you can’t foresee why you’d want to survive, I’d be happy to buy your supplies at a deep discount.  Seriously, consider the question beyond baser human conditioning. 

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  1. We've all heard saying that a man can live only 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and three weeks without food, but did you know that saying ends with '3 months without hope.'

    If you don't have that inner drive to survive, you won't make it through the first year. I would recommend reading stories about POW' s, concentration camp survivors, war survivors, etc. and see what inner drive they had.

    Selco' s website has some good articles on how folks you would expect to survive would lose hope and die and folks you would think of as mentally weak would rise to the occasion and live.

    What will motivate you to keep going when you are cold, hungry and dirty? Your spouse and children are dead and all seems hopeless.

    Think about it.

    Idaho Homesteader

  2. Lord James, you are perhaps one of the most prepared folks around. Yes you will be living like the proverbial desert rat in a hole eating wheat but you may out live us all. With the latest revised economic figures coming out showing an almost 3% decrease in GDP things are starting to show more. I personally think all the numbers are BS and much worse but you know this.

    Grocery prices go up every time I shop which is every two weeks. Gas, everything. My electric bill used to be 11 cents a KW when I divided the total bill by the KW used. I did the calculation recently and it was over 13 cents. WTH? I know its fees and taxes but I always figured that way. Not good.

    The collapse is accelerating big time. A lot of folks are selling off toys cause they cant pay the bills. The sheeple don't have a clue.

    Your right. If you look like you have something, someone will want to take it. I'm 15 miles from the nearest gas station or store and the homes are spread out. Some times I wish I was farther out but still need to work. I don't look like I have much with the mobile home but that doesn't mean the bastards wont want to check.

    1. Damnit! I forgot about booby traps! And I forgot to debate the merits of dogs. I'm kidding about booby traps, people. Relax.

    2. Traps make perfect sense if we are without rule of law (wrol).
      And prior to that you can set up alarms and defensive landscaping,
      Dogs can act as deterrents and alarms - but are worse than useless without good training and a human backup. As obligate carnivors dogs MUST have some sort of animal protein almost daily. A rat or snake or other vermin will work for this. Rat traps, and all other sorts of traps and trap parts- Stock up now for less than a hundred dollars and have the supplies you need to feed your pup (and yourself?). Combine with a good book regarding boobie traps and defensive 'landscaping' (any recommendations?) and another hundred dollars of supplies, and you should be able to make your version of the BPOD not worth the game for raiders.

    3. Try a Vietnam era military book on enemy booby traps- should be free e-books.

  3. You are one who inspired me on that. Before, it was just base instict. Now I have fun times to look forward to. Thank you!

  4. Speaking of motivations. People keep living for a few reasons.
    1) hope for a better future - at least for themselves or their loved ones (even if it just one last Twinkie or bed bounce or ....
    2) feeling needed by their friends /loved ones.
    3) a task they want to finish (a vengeance, a memorial, finding a new species of salamander? what have you).
    4) inertia - didn't die yesterday, oh well, maybe tomorrow. This is why my eldest relative is still around
    5) fear of the pain of death (doesn't work to well when continually suffering in the present just ask Dr Kervorian to explain.)
    6) not wanting to leave a mess for others to clean up see also #3.
    7) wanting to see what comes next - pure curiosity.

  5. Hell ya! Know its a party! peace

  6. Life is good, and every day is too.
    You're more than welcome !

  7. damn. instinct, not instict. I blame no spell check on comments rather than my dumbassness. Yep, yoy can have a great day everyday if you want. Unless you are in prison or something-kinda hard to put a good spin on that one unless you weigh 300 pounds solid muscle.

  8. I like # 7. #8? vindication?

    1. I've put aside a bottle of whiskey- I shall toast all the idiots about to die, and it shall be my #8 moment.