Saturday, June 28, 2014

balloon up now what?


“The balloon has gone up” or similar was first reported as originating with the Cold War and balloons being released in the event of a nuclear war.  One assumes they were up to record fallout particles higher up.  This seems to have been reported as being the origins but most likely the ravings of an ignorant slut.  More probable it referred to the balloons being released over cities during WWII to discourage bomber attacks ( or perhaps even WWI for dirigibles ).  Unfortunately, even THOSE origins are in doubt since there is evidence the phrase was used by an American publication not long after the War Of Northern Suppression And Colonization.   In that conflict balloons were observational.  In any event, The Balloon Has Gone Up means conflict or war has started and we are all happy with the phrase and know exactly what it means and are all pretty much confused we had to have this conversation in the first place.  Doesn’t this guy have to go write about freeze dried Yak gonads or how many semi-auto weapons one can carry at one time in a bug out, or something?  Anyway, a minion said that inquiring minds want to know the first thing you should do when that ‘ol balloon does go up and as soon as I qualify that I’ll actually get around to telling you.  *

For an orderly discussion, one assumes you are home.  I don’t count returning to your home as the first thing you do, because nesting or fleeing to your safe castle are just obvious beyond belief and everyone is going to do that, even the dimmest bulbs amongst us.  One assumes you don’t have to go round up the kids or wife.  Yes, that makes for wonderful drama for fiction, showing us what a concerned caring beautiful human being you are- which is kind of like the guy that shows up for work and wants a medal for doing his job.  Isn’t that why we pay you?  Corralling the dependents is also a no-brainer.  And I’m assuming that even if you are ignoring me- which, surprisingly after all the practice I’ve had and you would think I’m used to it, I’m not and it hurts me deeply and I die a little bit every time- and have oodles and gobs of Yuppie Survivalist equipment and supplies at the very least you have heeded common sense and will NOT go out and try to do any last minute shopping which is too dangerous and likely will bear little fruit.  So, what do you do?  My answer is to get heeled.  Get all your firearms you need immediately, get them together and put on your web gear.  And then never be without them again the rest of your life.  Yes, we all have guns ready as it is.  But we don’t wear them around the house.  That is the first order of business and really, about the only change needed immediately besides whatever you are going to do for security ( immediate light and sound discipline, starting guard shifts, etc ).  I have a cartridge pouch belt I use for my rifle with rounds on stripper clips- ready to go next to my gun case.  But I need to go about digging out more clips.  I have plenty of loose ammo handy but will need to get to those clips.  I have no need for them day to day- forty rounds is my combat load and that is over doing it for a bolt action.  And I have my pistol ready for immediate use, as well as a combat belt ready for it- those will be mated and then worn constantly.  It isn’t a huge job.  Mainly I need to dig down and retrieve.  But that is what I’ll do to get my Security Blanket on.  Plenty of other things to do, mainly security of supplies.  But this is where I’d start- transitioning to living in Indian Country.

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  1. Good post Jim. Haven't given it much thought but getting whomever inside the fort walls is a start. Gotta be sure it's started though. Consider what forms of intelligence to use, i.e. different forms of radio, TV, etc. Direct observation would be great if you want to risk being out amongst the Indians. This reminds me of Blast From the Past where they retreat into their bunker (for thirty years) when they mistakenly believe WWIII has started. Living out in the wild like that it would be awhile before the Indians would raid anyway; you want to be sure they are running amok to begin with.

    1. This is why a retreat you live in now is really the only valid strategy. Minimizes the risk of false attack signals

  2. Actually depending on circumstance, I will head to the store and buy up all the powdered milk, condensed milk and cooking oil that I can, but only if I get a heads up before the rush. Everything else I already am prepped with in bulk. Including those three mentioned first. I'd probably top off any tanks to with fuel, though we usually keep most everything full and rotate anyway.

  3. Personally I think the ballon IS going up- has been since 2008 at the latest, its lead lines are just being played out very, very, slowly right now. It could speed up, it could be pulled back down, or several lines could end at once making it pop up. But the transition so far has been incremental- and largely toward a totalitarian police state as TPTB tighten their grip and make certain that their security has priority for the essential strategic resources. The police state WILL collapse in the end - it is just a matter of TIME. Is that the balloon up event? how will you know? Almost by definition a police state constrains the flow of information. And if it crumbles rather than collapsing all at once? At which piece falling off do you gear up and/or head on out to your 'retreat'?
    There is only one serious answer- set a 'trip line' (or really a bunch of them) based on local and global conditions for a given type of situation.
    For example:
    IF there is a quick spreading dangerous illness then we do XYZ when ABC conditions have begun happening or appear to be happening.
    IF Martial law is declared by QPR for reasons STV then our response should be FGH.

    Where you draw the line and how you deal with each potential situation is of interest but just having a couple of SCALABLE 'go to' responses for the major categories of events is what everyone needs. And don't forget the PERSONAL disasters that can befall you and your family- as the social safety net crumbles dealing with these on your own is the only alternative.

    1. It is a wonder we are still together after 2008. But I think most folks look at the "rescue" and think it will reoccur. The derivatives that caused that one will be worse next time. And that assumes no petrodollar collapse, which seems more and more likely weekly.

    2. The next 'rescue' probably will reoccur, it will just be less effective, and need another 'rescue' even sooner than that, and so on, for who knows how many iterations before the wheels fall completely off.
      I think the petro dollar is doomed first, but that soon after its failure we will have another little plateau before another systemic collapse hits every other country.

  4. You can spread the truth all you want- unreceptive minds are 99% of your audience. Your efforts will, 50/50, sway the 1%. From personal experiance I'd say it is the worst kind of charging windmills. And come on! Just because the author has a valid point doesn't mean the icononic banjo playing retard isn't great!